Review for Five years of Ficwad

Five years of Ficwad

(#) monstrice901 2012-04-24

hahaha - reading the first part was like reading what happened to me (only compressed in to the space of a year, and obviously, I leave reviews and shit)!

Just on an off note, I find it quite funny really - I've looked at some of your older stuff and some of it (sorry) was shit. And then, out of nowhere, you became one of the best authors on the site! It's really weird.

Anyway, great, loved it, all the usual and let's hope you keep writing for another five years! (Not trying to sound like a creeper, but if you've been on here five years, how old are you actually? Yeah, feel free not to answer that though)


Author's response

I think we can all relate to the first part, no matter how long we've been here XD
Haha oh God, thank you for saying it! I have to say I utterly agree with you XD Sometimes I read through my first stories on here and I just cringe at how terrible they are, but I think its important to keep them up here so I can see how much I've improved and where else I can improve :') I think reading re-reading my work is what made me get better, reading something after leaving it alone for a while really opens your eyes to where you messed up XD
I do intend to keep writing, I'll probably still be here when I'm 80 :') And for the record, I'm eighteen at the moment, so still a baby in the grand scheme of things I guess :3