Review for Five years of Ficwad

Five years of Ficwad

(#) FlyingSmoke 2012-04-24

I haven't reviewed in forever. Shit. Good time to start again.
I quite liked the first part of the one shot, actually. The insight, albeit fictional, of Frank's was actually pretty good. Like something I see you saying (seeing as you've been on here five years).
Congrats, by the way. Five years and still posting stuff. Most people ran off after 2, so that's really good. And you're still getting better and better every day.
As for the smut... That was... Nice. Very nice. I'll be slightly worried about showers now but it was nice.
I do remember your older stuff. "Mcr Jousting" xD I love that so much. It does show massive improvement though. Then you hit Seven or so, and everything boosted in complexity and skill. It's quite fun to watch progression.
It was good :)
Update soon, please, or I'll worry.

Author's response

Yeah, I admit I did use my own experience to feed Frank's XD Though obviously I wasn't a secret reader or anything :')
I don't think I could ever leave this site, I love writing too much and love being part of the community too much, I'll probably still be here when everyone else leaves XD
Anyway, thanks for the reviews and please do keep coming back and hopefully enjoying my stuff :)