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Five years of Ficwad

(#) andreajp 2012-04-25

Oooooooh Jeez I'm gonna get all nostalgic.


On the grand scheme of things I was a....lot slow on the uptake getting into fics. I used to waste my time learning about all the evil in the world and stressing out. This was about the same time I picked up True Bloods book series, which, I don't know if you've ever seen or read the books, is basically written like a step up from Twilight, but still badly written fic, Mary Sue all day.

So yea anyway I reread the Sookie series until I knew it by heart, I couldn't take it anymore so I looked online for some new Eric/Sookie yummy goodness. I knew about FF from my weeeee young age of 12/13 and I used to read Good Charlotte Benji Madden fics (I will end anyone that teases me, including you) so I sorta knew where to look up stuff......yada yada yada I read like a for real honest to god million MILLIOON worded fic that was a wip it was wonderful......that she didn't finish......the cunt. I never read another True Blood fic again. Soooooooooo I looked up vampire fics again, trying to find anything! Even fucking Twilight I was so desperate..........and low and behold My Chemical Romance section on Ficwad showed up......I clicked it, I was in heaven my two greatest loves came as one! What was this black magic!! I read the description of your fic first because the gods of fan fiction must've know what was going to become of us, and you updated that same day! That was about a little over a year ago and you've been poisoning my brain with awesome images of man smut.

And you know what I just realized right now......I'm an utter retard I haven't any of you one shots from before Halloween!! YAY for being a dumb ass I got reading to do!!!!!

Oooh anyway yea yea yea good story. Congrats or whatever on being here 5 years.

But seriously, like in every time you write a shower scene.....sigh Halloween, lots and lots of shower sex......I need one after.

Cheers to my most favorite writer/human being that ever lived! TEN MORE!!

Fuck that was long winded just to say I love you

Author's response

Haha woman I can't even tell you how much I love you XD
I remember you reviewing my stuff for the first time and I was so happy to get such a long review, I used to (heck, still do) love seeing your name pop up on my reviews cos' I knew it'd be a long one and it would just make my day :') Also, no shame in the Benji Madden fics, I used to write Good Charlotte FF when I was eleven XD I was in my fucking primary school where we still had 'reading hour' and I'd spend that hour not reading but writing good wholesome GC fanfiction in a ratty old notepad xD
Obviously you finding my stories was destiny ;) When I joined ficwad those yeaars ago I never would've thought I'd find such an amazing friend out of it. Sigh... one day the ocean will not keep us apart

and stupid ficwad cut off the end of that ¬¬ Needless to say it ended in a good ol' fashioned I love you :3