Review for Five years of Ficwad

Five years of Ficwad

(#) MCRnum1fan97 2012-04-28

aw i wasnt intening to review (sorry but like frankie i want a nap)but after reading all these other reviews i couldnt not say something.
haha wouldnt it be funny if Frank realy was a secret freard reader haha.

anyway i loved this story, gold diger & nuts and bolts are some of my favs, you write so such epic stuff. you are a brilant writer all round.

I am so very glad that you said that you wont leave this site because I dont intent to ethier. its other fanfic writers like you on this site that make me want to make my own. even if i suck at it (too many typos and im late to update) i only have 2 stories so far.