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Fairy Lights

(#) amos222 2012-05-07

That was so sweet!! Oh my gosh, now I just want it to be Christmas again. That was so cute, and it was way better than my first fanfiction (which I neither talk, nor think about. Ever). I thought that the plotline was really good for a first story, even good authors usually fail kinda miserably in the beginning. I really dug the way that Mikey, Bob, and Ray totally laughed at Frank and Gee instead of helping them at first, that felt really relatable. The only thing that was a bit hard to follow was the tree thing. I don't know about your family, but my family usually has a fairly decent sized tree, and I really don't think that one person would be able to lift it up and chase someone with it. Other than that (and even with that), the story was a pleasure to read. Thank you for sharing that!!

Author's response

Hahaa, I love Christmas xD I'm glad you liked it- though I think it's pretty awful! Still, I wanted to keep it 'cause I never delete my work; I like to keep it so I can look back and see that I have actually improved, y'know?
Thanks for taking the time to review :D