Review for Translations of Blood

Translations of Blood

(#) Ben_Is_Alive_Again 2012-05-14

I'm seriously on the edge of my seat right now. Well, it's really the edge of my hospital bed, and I'm actually just propped against the wall with a pillow instead of on the edge, but you know what I mean. I still can't get over your description! Oh my GOD, honey, you have talent. Cliffhangers! Damn you for finding my weakness! >.< Ah well. You can leave as many cliffhangers as you want, because I'll still keep reading. I'm starting to wonder if you have somehow kidnapped Frank and set him in the woods with an escaped convict, because I just can't see any other way for this to seem so REAL. The reactions are perfectly matched with the way a human would normally react in such a situation, and I absolutely love you for it. I think this is the most I've typed since I got into the hospital, other than the chapter I put up last week. But it's so worth it! If you ever decide to write a book, I would pick it up right away. Flawless. Perfect. I need a freaking thesaurus or something. Running out of words. Just- Unicorns-on-Rainbow-Fire EPIC. There. I think I've made my point.

- Ben