Review for Everything is Changing

Everything is Changing

(#) lwarfield3 2012-05-21

OMGEE I missed a bunch again.... OHMIGERARD WOW, I mean with the ex problems and the Mikey and the Elena (what a BITCH) and the threats to tell the press and WHOA I THINK I'M FANGIRLING NOW IMMA GO GET SOMEBODY TO SLAP ME... love your story!!! Please please PLEASE UPDATE SOON!!!!!

Author's response

Awww! Thank you so so much! It's reviews like these that make me want to continue the story! Please fangirl on!
I will try and update soon but it all depends on if/when people answer the questions in the A.N. at the bottom of the chapter, If people don't then I'm going to be slightly stuck I'm afraid.
Anyway thank you so much for reading and reviewing so kindly! Really means a lot to me :D