Review for Everything is Changing

Everything is Changing

(#) MCR_rawrr 2012-05-24

Mikey won't break his bass. Liam's not hard enough to break it. He'd probably be all squishy. Like a jellyfish. Yep, 97% water and no brain. Squishy Liam.
Okay sorry I'm being creepy.
And can't you just totally imagine like, an army of babies with Mikey's face on them? And they will still all be called Susan. Kay? KAY? IF YOU CALL THEM ANYTHING ELSE I WILL MUTILATE YOUR SOCKS.
N'aww I'm one of your favourite authors :3 I feel so loved!!

Author's response

No one likes jellyfish...they hurt people! Haha oh Dory! Dory's the best. Just keep swimming! and "Es-cap-ee! I wonder what that means it's funny it's spelt just as escape!"
Haha don't worry we're both creepers XD Although me more because I spoke old English in your review XD
O_O All children called it!Please don't mutilate my socks they have bicycles on them!
Thanks for reviewing...again! XD Dude of course you're one of my fav you have like 3 really amazing stories all going at once and this response is really long...END!