Review for I speak in tongues when I go insane

I speak in tongues when I go insane

(#) AdnarimSmada 2012-05-25

Wow. It's describing the cycle of depression isn't it? (A few of your stanzas gave me that impression, I might be wrong but you are very talented with both your words and your symbolism.)

I don't know how good I am at interpretation here but that's what I got out of this.

-Adnarim Smada

Author's response

Ah, yes indeed. I would say it is. And thank you so very much, it means a lot yo hear you say I do well with symbolism, because, well. I've never really thought about it. Symbols and metaphors just... slip out? Does that make sense? That I can write a poem that I think is about, say, a dying soldier, and then... I come out of my daze and read trough it and I just go "Oh. It's about bullying. Huh"