Review for Do you want a personalized My Chem one shot?

Do you want a personalized My Chem one shot?

(#) GerardAllTheWay 2012-05-31

1. Name/Age- Bella "Jinxx" Pitts, age 18
2. Your appearance & what you want me to highlight- Pale, blue-black hair, and lots of black mascara and eyeliner. Often steals Jake's (READ THE ANYTHING ELSE BIT. OH OH OH JAKE PITTS IS F ROM BLACK VEIL BRIDES IF YOU DON'T GET IT ^^) clothes- which are all skinnies and leather and shit.
3. Which My Chem members do you want included/Want to be paired with? Um.. I want Ray, Frankie, Mikey and Bob as my best friends and Gee as my best best best friend (long time crush and later boyfriend)
4. What My Chem Era are they from/look like?(Revenge, Black Parade, Danger Days etc.): REVENGEEEEE!!! ^^ (I'm getting a Revenge outfit today and wearing it for a dance I have to do so yeah.) REVENGE ALL THE WAY  BABY.
5. Plot? Is it in high school or during the van days. Are they a big band now or is it in a different universe where they are all nurses? Tell me what you want your story to about- Uh. Basically, they're in high school, Bella and Gee are best best best friends but both want each other. Frank, Mikey, Ray and Bob can tell they like each other and constantly try and get them alone but Bella usually sits on Frank and makes him stay. Then, I'll let you decide how they hook up. LOTS OF COMEDY AMD HUMOR, MA CHERIE.
6. Should I or should I not include smut/sex scene? if so how? YES. YES. PLEEAAASE. (Can you have Gee dress up as a ringleader? It'll be seeexxaaaaay.)
7. Anything else that you want me to include/know? Bella has an older brother, Jake, who knows about her crush on Gee and teases both about it. Andy Biersack lives with them coz Jake is his best friend and yeah. Andy gives her tons o' shit over liking Gee mainly coz he likes her too.