Review for AUDITIONS for Comics and Coffee

AUDITIONS for Comics and Coffee

(#) bloodbunny15 2012-06-04

here's my singer

Name: Andi Wilson

Gender: male

Age: whatever fits

College Grade: freshman/sophmore (i know nothing about american colleges)

Favorite composer (song writer): Andy biersack of black veil brides or Billie joe armstrong from green day

Appearance: short black spikey hair with red bangs covering right eye, 5'6, skinny-ish, pale-ish skin tone, ice blue eyes, wears green day and bvb merch mainly with skinnies, vans or converses and studded belts

Personality: shy at first but is very creative, funny, random, intelligent, witty, sarcastic and dirty-minded

since you need frat boys here is one aswell

Name: Jason Mitchells

Age: 18/19

Grade: whatever fits the age

Major: film arts or dance

Appearance: 6'1, skinny, hazel eyes, a bit tanned, short brown hair, wears baggy t-shirts with funny slogans on and skinnies or sweatpants with converses or nikes

Personality: kinda weird, funny, a bit strange and bisexual

Victim or Bully: victim because people think he's gay (he's infact bi) because he's doing film arts and dance

hope you like them