Review for ABC/ABC Family/MCR anyone?

ABC/ABC Family/MCR anyone?

(#) Cookie_monster 2012-06-05

First, Middle Name: Hozzie (Hollie) Nicole
First initial of last name: B
Personality summed up in 5 words: Shy, friendly, crybaby, funny and kind :3
How you usual acted around people you like: Like as in friends or 'like'? :L for friends - Chatty, telling jokes, laughing, trying to make people smile/laugh. For 'like' - shy, won't say much, smiles a lot.
Desired age: 15
Who you want to be paired with: mikey please :)
If you are just meeting them in the one shot or previously knew them: Meeting them :)
If you chose to previously know them, what was your relationship to them and how close were you: -
How you usually dress: Band tee-shirts, loose jeans of any colour, odd socks, pink sequin converse
Setting of the story: I dunno, school I guess? :L
Any ideas you have for it: I don't mind :3


Love Hozzie

Author's response

I'll try to have yours up Friday or Saturday, so look out for that :)