Review for ABC/ABC Family/MCR anyone?

ABC/ABC Family/MCR anyone?

(#) XCherrikidXD 2012-06-05

First, Middle Name: Lucy Abbie

First initial of last name: M

Personality summed up in 5 words: Bubbly, hyper, bright, can be shy arround new people, funny.

How you usual acted around people you like: kinnda the above but can be sarcastic, she can take a joke, good with comebacks.

Desired age: 20

Who you want to be paired with: Gee

If you are just meeting them in the one shot or previously knew them: known them all her life.

If you chose to previously know them, what was your relationship to them and how close were you: like best friends but they have gotten closer as times gone on.

How you usually dress:

Setting of the story: on tour

Any ideas you have for it: the guys are on tour (Revenge time) the guys finnish one of their shows and they go out. Gee and Lucy dicide to stay back at the tour bus where they get talking one thing leads to another ect. Change it if you want

thankies =)

~Lu lu xoxo

Author's response

I'm going to have yours up Sunday or Monday so look out for that :)