Review for ABC/ABC Family/MCR anyone?

ABC/ABC Family/MCR anyone?

(#) xxFamousLastWordsxx 2012-06-05

First, Middle Name: Nicola

First initial of last name: F.

Personality summed up in 5 words:
Hyper, Creative, Confident, Artistic, Fun.

How you usual acted around people you like:
Loud, nuts, funny, Never shy always loud and talking and smiling.

Desired age: 16

Who you want to be paired with: Gerard!
If you are just meeting them in the one shot or previously knew them: Previously met them ^-^

If you chose to previously know them, what was your relationship to them and how close were you: Best Friends

How you usually dress:
Always wears band tops (not BVB), blak skinnies with a red and black belt. Converse and Nightmare Before Christmas Hoodie.

Setting of the story: High School
Any ideas you have for it:

Try and come up with something ^-^ Something like Gerard finally admits his feelings or something or during a truth or dare game he admits it or soemthing like that xD

- xxFLWxx

Author's response

I'll have yours up either next Tuesday or Wednesday (New York Time) sorry its a long wait. But keep a look out for it.