Review for ABC/ABC Family/MCR anyone?

ABC/ABC Family/MCR anyone?

(#) detonationmouse 2012-06-05

First, Middle Name: Alisha (I go by Allie) Cailean

First initial of last name: O

Personality summed up in 5 words: shy at first, bubbly, childish, quirky, and a scaredy-cat.

How you usual acted around people you like: I'm shy around the people I like, mumble, get awkward, talk too much

Desired age: 15

Who you want to be paired with: Mikey please

If you are just meeting them in the one shot or previously knew them: I knew him but not much, just through Gerard.

If you chose to previously know them, what was your relationship to them and how close were you: Gerard, Mikey, and I usually stick together st school because we are constantly bullied, It's a mutual understanding I guess but we aren't close friends. I've had a crush on him for a while.

How you usually dress: For this one it'd be a halloween costume, so:

Setting of the story: Haunted house?
Any ideas you have for it: It's Halloween and Mikey and I have to go to a supposedly haunted house on a dare and we don't really know eachother that well. We have to sleep in the house and I guess we're exploring and then a thunderstorm starts and we get to know eachother and fall in love. Hopefully you can do that? I'm sorry if it's too complicated.

I like your idea for the ABC/MCR thing. :) Thank you

xx Allie

Author's response

I'll have yours up around the 14th or 15th of Jube (New York time). Sorry it's a long wait, but keep a lookout for it. :)