Review for Life sucks.

Life sucks.

(#) midnight_star22 2012-06-05

As my history teacher tells us with his oh so fatherly advice "When life gets you down, just lay down and quit and die!" This man yells it at us..It's quite funny.

But don't take his advice..I'm sorry I'm just an awkward person..But I'm sorry you had to move! :/

You're EPIC for naming your baby Frank! :D I admire you for going through with the pregnancy, too :) Btw I'm lexie! If you ever want to talk, you can message me.

Author's response

Your history teacher is just epic :L i love it!!

its okay, i like awkward people, there the best kind after all :3

My friend picked it, i had been thinking of it, but thought no because i USE to have a cruch but then she was like just do it, so he's being called Frankie all because of her brillence xD
and i'll email anyway, i'd like to get to know you :)