Review for Life sucks.

Life sucks.

(#) Frankies_Hands 2012-06-05

I'm sorry you had to move. I'm sure you'll adjust with time.
Congratulations on your pregnancy, tho. I'm happy to hear you're going through with it all and not aborting it or putting it up for adoption like most 17 year olds would probably do because its apparently 'to young' or some shit. And apparently youre not fully mature until mid-twenties. Bull manure. People mature at different rates.
Off topic. Sorry... ^.^
Anyway, my email is if you ever just want to talk or something. c:


Author's response

i will, it just sucks atm cos nothing here :L
awh thank you, i was abit worried about telling you all, ya'know incase anyone when all judgmenal on my ass :/ but nobody has which is amazing.
and i shall email you, you're lovely xD