Review for Life sucks.

Life sucks.

(#) ChasingPavementsxoxo 2012-06-05

dont forget, cassiebaby, i named him. Full name : Frankie Nathaniel. im sooo calling him full name, at all times. :D

Didnt Jacob wanna come with y'all? but then you didnt wanna take him away from his fam, right?

anyways. HAIIII :D

okay. just wanted to say that. :3 we cant slap jacob for being silly anymore, can we? :(

okay, rambing now.

ima email youuu :3


(OH! PS. Im working on Sparkle :3)

Author's response

i will never forget that Izzybaby :')
He did, but he has to do some shit, and has to wait till he's 18 becuase his parents wont give him primission to come -.-

we just have to see how things go :/

ohhh we can he'll be over next month for a visit, they'll be loads of slapping :P

Okay izzybaby, i'll keep an eye on my emails xD

(yaaaaaaaaaay :3)