Review for I'm giving you all my fucks.

I'm giving you all my fucks.

(#) CrimsonRevenge 2012-06-05

oh my gosh thank you for that. I really appreciate the support. I don't have many readers and I have writers block at the moment, but yea I can always use another Killjoy or A person in Awake and Unafraid. Let me know which you would like to be in.

Author's response

I'm sorry. I hate writer's block. It gives me headaches and then when I'm at school and obviously not paying attention in class the teacher's like "Miss O'Connor care to join us in the discussion or lounge around in your chair?" And I'm all like "F-to-the-R-to-the-A- whaaa?" Thus starts the awkward moment when all the kids in class are whispering about how much of a freak I am. At least I get a whole lunch table to myself!! Either one would be great! I'd rather be a killjoy but wherever you need me to be, I'm there. Except the ocean. That scares the shit outta me.