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I'm giving you all my fucks.

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Read, don't read. .

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I know you guys are saying not to add any more fuel to the fire but I'm gonna do that anyways because I like how the flames look. Haha jk let's face it I'm tired. TiffanyRose and Datdatdat or whatever her name is are immature, jealous, and just plain stupid. I bet they didn't read any of my stories. Yeah that's about all. Comments? Concerns? Flames? Come at me bruhhh. :) I'm just wondering what their purpose on this site is for. If they even like MCR. . .I have a biology exam tomorrow. shit. Listen to Aces High by Iron Maiden. I used it for my project about airport security. :D It's gooood. Also whenever I get ringing in my ears and heaadbang it sounds like dubstep. Try it, it's funny. I'm 4"9. :3

xx Allie who wants to punch TiffanyRose in the fucking face (It'll actually make her look better trust me!)
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