Review for Hey Look, Bella's Written Again.

Hey Look, Bella's Written Again.

(#) KilljoyKid 2012-06-07

I like this idea :) I also think that any outstanding Authors Notes asking for advice and such should be taken down, they're old and nothing to do with MCR anymore, but only if the Author's okay and has there advice now.
I also think some of these things telling us how to deal with the trolls should be taken down in a week or two so they're not just clogging up space and spamming the page- not saying anything bad though, they can be useful and contain good ideas!
Another idea is to review EVERY SINGLE piece you read positively and with constructive criticism- no one needs to be told they "suck" or whatever :P
Also we should rate down any of the Troll army's notes so they don't get read, and rate up each other's works :)
Just putting my two cents in :L