Review for Life In Your Coffin

Life In Your Coffin

(#) DisenchatedDestroya 2012-06-10

This is very, very good. Amazing. I could definitely feel the emotion behind it as I read. It felt kinda angry in places, like it was mad at the person/people being addressed for causing all of the doubt and trying to "Bind up" your freedom. Then it came across as sad, giving up almost, because the addressed were bad/relentless enough to make you want to die. But then it came through as victorious and defiant; the refusal to be smothered by the addressed's hatred and blame and flaws, the refusal to die with them in their metaphorical "coffin".

I loved the whole idea behind it and it was clear that it was definitely influenced by Revenge-era stuff. It also reminded me a lot of Bullets and some (early, from their first album) Black Veil Brides tracks.

I think my favorite line, something that was very hard to pick because there are so many stunners in here, was probably, "Choke me in your regrets". It had a very clear image of someone using their own regrets and self-hate to bring you down like so many people do and it was just so vivid.

Sorry for the ridiculous length of this, but great work and I love every word of this! :D