Review for Everything is Changing

Everything is Changing

(#) MCR_rawrr 2012-06-15

No? Okay then.
My friend Gloria (she doesn't have an account but I sent her the link to this story because she wanted me to recommend her good ones :D I'm so nice :3) said she loves this and demands a smut scene. Don't listen to her. No, just not the second part. She's perverted.
Update soon!! :D
[oh and there's a new chapter of Rabbit Hearted Girl up and a note if you wanna read it :)]

Author's response

Aww thank you :L 'Can they make babies now?!' Is that just a polite way of asking if they can just have sex now? XD In due time my due time O_O
Haha! You're friend Gloria sounds funny, especially in the note she did :L I'm no good at writing smut though! If she really wants one she can write it for me if she wants :L
I just read them, I saw this review and went to them as fast a possible! I will try and update soonish. Thank you for reviewing :3