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The boys feast on their pancakes while Fiona feels much less encouraged to eat anything at all. The boys worry and she and Mikey are left alone.

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Fiona's POV

I soon began to make the pancakes as one by the one the boys emerged from the bunk room. They were tightly packed into the booth ready for a feast of pancakes. I placed the plates infront of them but before I could explain that we had no toppings half of the pancakes were gone. They scoffed what they could within 5 minutes, there were some left but I wasn’t feeling hungry.

“Sorry Fiona” Gerard chuckled at my expression. “We didn’t mean to eat them all, they’re just so damn good” He said while picking up another one, all the boys mumbled their appreciation for them although I couldn’t understand a word of it while they had their faces stuffed.

“Okay, well I’m glad you like them” I said as a leaned against the counter.

“You not gonna have one?” Ray said picking one up and flapping it around in my direction. I shook my head and went to make some coffee. “You already had breakfast?”

To be honest my so called breakfast was the coffee I had made this morning and I was making another to keep me going. I was hungry I just didn’t feel like eating.

“Err yeah I had some while you were getting ready, I made you this batch. So eat them all, okay, I don’t like wasting food.” The guys looked at me suspiciously, I tried to keep a cool face, heavens knows what they’ll try and do if they found out I hadn’t actually ate anything. After what seemed to be like a staring contest of judging eyes they dropped it, believing that I had ate I guess.

The boys soon scarfed down the rest of the pancakes, I offered to clean up but they refused and made me sit down to rest.

“Fiona you’ve been up all night, then you made breakfast for us, you need to rest” Ray said sternly.

“I’m not a child, plus you lot can’t clean those dishes properly. Dunking them in water isn’t going to do anything” I said stubbornly, making my way past them all. “Where’s the washing liquid?” I said turning around to face them. They looked at me as if I had just put my knickers on my head.

“Fiona, we are men, we don’t use washing liquid” Gerard said as if it were some sort of victory. I sighed in frustration and decided that water and vigorous brushing would have to do for now.

While I was washing up Eddy had come in without my notice until I heard his deep voice, I didn’t know if I liked him or not yet, he was a tough character. “The interviewer is stuck in traffic and can’t make it for today so I told we’d push it back after the two concerts” He announced to the guys.

I looked up in confusion “Wait you’re playing two concerts in London?” I asked, curious about the decision.

“Yeah we’re playing one tonight and then another tomorrow, London is just so big, we usually sell out the London concert first so I wanted everyone to able to be there this time. We were all fans of bands at point and I remember being really upset because I couldn’t get tickets for my favourite band” Gerard said hesitantly.

“Aww Gerard...that’s sweet” I said making my way to him and placing kiss on his cheek, I never thought famous people really cared about their fans, I mean sure they’d appreciate them but sometimes I thought that they didn’t know what it was like to be a fan, how hard it was sometimes.

These guys knew because they had experienced it all. It gave me some belief in humanity, my life had not always been a fairy tale and the days of being in America as an escort had taken its toll on me, showing me that life was not for the weak.

I had noticed that throughout the morning after the pancake scenario Mikey had kept glancing my way and I would glance his way too; occasionally there would be slightly awkward eye contact. I could tell that we wanted to go back to the way we were but we were both too stubborn and shy to start a conversation.

Eddy had left to see if we could check into the hotel rooms earlier than planned, we were now stuck on what to do; this was the time that they would have had their interview. I could feel myself get more tired by the minute slowly drifting in and out of consciousness. I stood up and wondered around the bus to keep myself awake but it was hard.

“Frank, Ray, let’s go see what’s keeping Eddy so long?” Gerard said as a smirk danced across his face, the others soon knew what he meant as they shimmied down the bus, leaving Mikey and I alone. He was sitting on the sofa and I paced infront of him, mostly likely moving like a zombie.

“Fiona...Fiona sit down, please” He said breaking the silent tension between us, not as a question but more of a demand as he patted the place next to him. I did as I was told without question. “I heard about your midnight antics, I did get kind of worried when you didn’t come to bed” He divulged while he stared through the window infront of him, not making eye contact.

“Doctor Who was calling me, I guess” He chuckled at my response; it was nice that we were talking again. Almost subconsciously I let my head rest on his shoulder and let my eyes close softly.

“I guess you had to do what you had to do, Doctor Who is a good show I must admit” He commented as if he was an expert on the show.

“How would you know? You’re American; you don’t get the T.V. show.” I challenged with a half-hearted giggle.

“We would watch it when we could, when we did shows in the UK” I nodded, too exhausted to say anything that wasn’t of value.

“ meant the supporting band for tonight?” He mused as he wrapped and arm around me almost in subconscious procession. I smiled and nodded again.

“You said they were nice...really nice? What did they say?” He commented, he sounded as if he were trying to make this sound as nonchalant as possible.

“Why do you want to know?” I question as a smirk played across my face.

He hesitated for a moment. “Err...mere interest I suppose” Mere interest my arse, I thought.

“We just said hello, I didn’t speak with them very long. They were funny, especially Drew”

“Who’s Drew?” Mikey said sternly, I laughed internally at him; he was just too adorable when he was jealous.

“Oh...just the bass player of the group” I divulged.

“You have a thing for bass player it would seem” He laughed with a hint of nervousness to it. There was a silence for a while, I almost feel asleep until he broke it. “Which bass player do you like more, me or him?” He asked, I giggled at him and pretended to think humming in process. Mikey was too tempting too tease.

“Well...there is this one bass player who is really quite amazing-“ I whispered to him playfully.

“Who is he?” He cut me off. I giggled again.

“Well he’s got blonde-ish hair and plays this fancy raz-ma-taz bass” Mikey was silent, I looked up to see what he was doing and he was just thinking, focussing very hard on something. I hit him lightly on his chest and went back to leaning my head on his shoulder. “It’s you silly! There’s no other bass player who I rather be with right now”

A long “Ohhhh” came from Mikey as he laughed at his own silliness. “You could go to sleep now if you want, I won’t tell Gee” He whispered into my ear with another chuckle.

I laughed with him. “So you heard him this morning?”

“Yeah I did, but mostly because I got woken up by you” He retorted accusingly.

“Sorry, but it was Ray, he was crying because David Tennant died” I mumbled.

“Right” He said, the sarcasm edging at his voice.

I didn’t hear what he said after; it seemed as if he were mumbling incoherently as I slipped into a pleasant slumber.

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