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Fiona meets the supporting band and hits it off with them. What will Mikey and the guys think? Is Mikey jealous?

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Fiona's POV

I went into the kitchen area and made a fresh pot of coffee. I didn't know what to do now, I thought just before the bus squeaked to a stop. Through the crack of the curtain I saw the bus driver get out of his seat and walked out the bus.

He was odd looking but I admired his determination in staying up all night and driving us here. He was mumbling something as he came back on the bus and put it in a parking space. He pulled the hand break. I guess we were stopping for a while.

I wandered towards him, “Hello, I’m Fiona…” I said cheerfully wanting to get off on a good start.

“Hey I’m Eddy” He mumbled back, he didn’t seem too happy but I guess I wouldn’t be either if I had to drive all night.

“Well I just came over to see if you wanted some coffee, I just made a fresh pot” I said, pointing towards the kitchen area.

He nodded “No milk, two sugars please” I smiled and rushed away to get the coffee.

“Here you go” I said, handing him the off white mug. He grunted in approval and I left. He seemed a bit huffy so I didn’t want to be one of those overly cheerfully people, especially when he was in that mood.

“Oi, girlie, we’re at the hotel and I just checked with the supporting bands tour manager, they’re awake if you want to go talk to them” I nodded and walked out the bus towards the hotel.

I wasn’t very good at meeting new people; I could be awfully shy sometimes. I shuffled awkwardly in the lobby, there was no sign of the band although when I thought about it what did a band even look like?

A tall man with slightly tanned skin and curly jet black hair who reminded me of a panda came up to me “Hello, are you from the band?” He asked, his British accent coming clearly through.

“I could ask you the same thing, are you the support band for tonight?” I asked as I shook his hand.

“Yeah, well not just me” He said while beckoning over some other men. “We’re the Fearless Vampire Killers, I’m Laurence” He said pointing at himself, they stood in a semi-circle around me as we got the introductions out the way.

“I’m Kier ” the man next to him said, he was slightly shorter and had a bright red side fringe thing going on with the rest of his hair being short and black, he was also slightly paler as the man from before.

“I’m Barrone” The next guy said, he had dirty blonde hair or light brown I couldn’t exactly tell which one it was he was also wearing a pair of goggles expertly placed on top of his forehead. I nodded with a smile as they continued.

“I’m Drew!” The guy said loudly and eccentrically while making a bit of a face. He also had light brown/Dirty blonde hair and was much shorter than the others. He reminded me a lot like Frank. Finally we had come to the end just one more left.

“I’m Luke” another tall man said. He had much longer hair than the other it was very dark brown, almost black and it was down to his shoulders he also had a bit of a beard.

Once they had introduced themselves it was my turn “Well I’m Fiona-“ but before I could continue they cut me off.

“Don’t tell me MCR have got another drummer!” Drew said with a chuckle. I chuckled back.

“No, no, I can’t play an instrument to save my life; I’m just with the band at the moment”

“Oh I see” Drew said while winking at me, I giggled again. “Don’t worry, you’re secret is safe with us ma'am” He announced giving me a mock salute.

I smile and nodded, his comment got me thinking though, would I always be kept a secret? Was Mikey so ashamed of me that he couldn’t tell anyone about us? I tried to drop the thought while I still had my sanity but it was still whispering to me from the back of head.

I was starting to like Drew he seemed sweet. “Moving swiftly on who does what in this band?” I asked trying to make sense of them all.

“Well Darling, Kier and I are the singers, Drew is the bassist, Barrone works his fingers on the guitar, sorry that sounded a bit like a poetic device for fingering then, and Luke is our ever so skilful drummer boy!” Laurence said.

I could tell he was British without the accent; I had to admit it was nice being with them. I giggled again.

“Wait how can you have two singers?” I asked slightly confused if I had heard him right.

“Well, both Laurence and I were from different band before this one, we were both singers and we didn’t want to relinquish the role so we agreed we'd both be singers, when I sing, Laurence would also play the guitar along with Barrone and it would switch when Laurence sings” Kier explained in his innocent voice.

That seemed to make sense I thought and nodded “Oh” was the only thing I could say, for the most part it was still rattling in my brain slightly. “Well I’ll go get the band ready; they’re still in bed, the lazy arses!” I laughed while walking back to the bus. The boys waved and went to go get breakfast while I had the honour of getting my own boys up.

How should I do this I thought? Wake them up by cooking them a massive breakfast in bed, whispering softly for them to get up…neither of these I found would have worked and so I chose to take the less flimsy idea.

I grabbed a massive boiling pot they had and a wooden spoon and ran into the bunkroom, using my pot as a drum. “Time to get up! Up! Up! The sun is shining and ready so should you!” I shouted as I waltzed up and down the hall while pulling their curtains open.

“Fiona no! Doctor Who has spent my mind!” Ray groaned from his bed, turning and pulling his pillow over his ears.

“Yeah well Ray that’s Britain for ya I guess! Now get up, you’re setting a bad example for the newbie band.” I shouted back at him with a giggle.

Mikey and Frank still had their curtains closed, to me they were just unused bunk beds but I guess the unused bunk beds were awake.

“What do you mean the newbie band waiting for us in the lobby?” Mikey question suspiciously. I had the right mind to bite my tongue and ignore him but before I could even process what I wanted to do my mouth slipped, unable to resist talking to Mikey.

“I met them a few minutes ago, they were really nice” I said innocently, accentuating words to make him think over thinks. I guess what I did was kind of bitchy, like driving a knife in someone’s heart and twisting. I instantly felt a pang of guilty surge through me.

He narrowed his eyes and jumped out of bed and into the bathroom to get ready. I smiled, at least my bitchy plan was working.

“One down three to go guys!” I shouted once again. They groaned and I shook my head, how did their mother’s ever get them out of bed for school? I thought. “Next person to get out of bed gets pancakes!” I shouted once more clearly enough so I knew everyone could hear me as I strode towards the kitchen area.

I could hear a couple of fumbles and mumbles before a three loud bangs and a chorus of groans was heard behind me, I swivelled in shock to see what had happened. All the guys were on the floor, piled on top of each other in a massive pile.

An argument of who was first out began to arise but before it got out of control Mikey burst open the bathroom door.

“I was before all of you so I should get the most pancakes!” He shouted with a proud grin on his face, but his grin wasn’t aimed at me it was aimed at the men on the floor. I felt left out slightly but I knew he would get over it…hopefully.

“She didn’t say who was first, dumbass, she said who was next! And that was me, Fiona, by the way, so no pancakes for you, suckers!” Gerard said with a cheeky grin on his face. Boys will be boys. I thought without shame at the cliché.

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