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Can You Be My Doctor?

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Fiona and Mikey have a slightly awkward encounter but with Mikey and Frank still ignoring her she soon finds a friend in Ray.

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Fiona's POV

I didn’t know why I went into the bathroom, I certainly wasn’t going to pee or have a shower or anything but I still locked the door. I slowly put the toilet seat down and used it as a chair while I thought. I mean I couldn’t go in the bunkrooms now, the only I way I was going to do that again was if I had the same awkward conversation I had with Gerard, only this time with Ray.

I wasn’t prepared for that fiasco again it was that or go in the living space and do nothing but be awkward with everyone. So through the process of illumination I was somewhat forced into the bathroom, all I could say was thank God someone kept it clean.

After a while of being bored and counting the pattern shapes on the toilet paper per sheet I decided that it would be a good time to get out, the guys were probably in bed by now. Time to find something else to do! I said with sarcastic enthusiasm. It was now that I was starting to think that having a nap on Gerard’s bed wasn’t a good idea.

I opened the door only to see Mikey, his hand in a fist form raised near his head. He was either just going to knock on the door or knock me out, although Mikey was docile natured usually he wouldn’t have any trouble on punching someone in the face.

“I was just about to knock” He said awkwardly while slowly putting his hand back down. I leaned against the door frame and nodded.

“You going to bed now?” I asked. He nodded in reply. We were like two high school kids who had been forced together. Neither of us knew exactly what to say.

“Are you coming to bed soon?” He asked after a moment’s pause while rubbing the back of his neck.

“Not just yet, I’m not that tired…I fell asleep before.” I explained. He nodded again and turned back toward his bunk, soon clambering in and getting cosy.

I could feel his gaze upon me as I walked past his bunk and into the living space. As I opened the door I heard a defeated sigh and the sound of a curtain closing, no doubt it was Mikey.

I closed the door behind me and look to see that no one was there. I guess I had been somewhat right when I said everyone must have gone to bed. I didn’t know what to do. I needed something to kill time but entertain myself as well. I went into the kitchen to make some tea, coffee didn’t seem suitable right now, we were in Britain and it was 1am.

Once I had made my tea I settled down on the couch and turned on the T.V. I was glad these guys had satellite. An episode of Doctor Who caught my eye; it seemed this channel was having a Doctor Who marathon of sorts; it was the top ten modern Doctor Who episodes, from the 9th Doctor to the 11th.

I had gotten there just in time they were at number 10, ‘The girl in the fireplace’ David Tennant being lovely as usual only better when he acted drunk and cocky riding on a horse. Next it was the first of the Matt Smith series, The Eleventh Hour, Matt Smith was good as the Doctor but he was no David Tennant. A couple episodes in and it was what every 'whovian' hated…a regeneration episode.

I knew a lot about Doctor Who, growing up in Britain you couldn’t not watch Doctor Who and when I came to America I would watch the episodes online. I knew most of the modern ones and this was the worst one. David Tennant regenerating. The five words that destroyed everyone into a crumbling teary eyed piles. “I don’t want to go” That was it for me I started to cry, I tried to hold back my tears but they carried on.

At that moment Ray came through the door, probably woken by my blubbering-self. “Fiona it’s 4am, why are you even awake now?” He said while ruffling his afro.

“I’m sorry Ray” I whined softly, now desperately trying to pull myself together. Ray shuffled towards me and engulfed me into a hug.

“Why are you crying this time?” He chuckled softly.

I chuckled along with him, I had cried countless times infront of them; no doubt it was getting annoying now. “It’s not my fault it’s the stupid writer at the BBC!” I wailed into his chest.

“What did they do? Should we go get them?! I’m sure an army of teenage girls would be here within an hour if we asked.” Ray was always good at making a horrible situation soon be something to laugh about.

I shook my head and tried to explain before the next episode started. “Oh Fiona, it’s just a character, I’m sure David Tennant isn’t really dead”

“I know Ray but he didn’t have to leave Doctor Who!” I wailed slightly too loudly for it being 4am. We both sat back down and continued to watch the marathon. After about 2 more hours we were down to the best episode, ‘Blink’ after an hour of flinching and us whispering violently to the screen for the character, Sally Sparrow, to get out of the house it had finished. It was now 7am. I had stayed up all night to watch Doctor Who and yet instead of feeling foolish I felt proud.

I thought about in the new series, about how it's just Amy on her own and how the Doctor comes and takes her away. It reminded of what Mikey did with me. He saved me from a life I didn't want. He came and took me away in his massive metal box. No quite the same but I saw the similarities. I gazed towards the bunk room. I missed him speaking to me. What happened before was nothing in comparison to what we were like. In a way he was my Doctor. My saviour.

“I’m never going near statues ever again” Ray said slightly disturbed by the ending. Bringing me out of my deep thought. I chuckled at him.

I on the other hand had watched it before but I was still pretty damn scared. I turned off the T.V. as Ray put my cup in the sink ready for it to be washed. We then tiptoed into the bunk room, trying our best to not wake anyone although we failed miserably.

“Ray, Fiona what are you doing up at this stupid time?” Gerard said while poking his head out of the bunk curtain.

“We watched Doctor Who, Ray only watched half of them though” I said innocently as I sat on the floor near Ray’s bunk as he climbed into it which was underneath Gerard’s.

“Watched only half? How many did you watch?!” Gerard whispered in shock.

“Well it was the top ten so…” I said while shrugging.

Fiona!” He sighed in frustration “You shouldn’t stay up watching T.V….even if it was Doctor Who”

“Gerard, calm down, I slept in your bunk before. I’m awake and fine.” I replied nonchalantly.

“Yeah well you’re going to have to keep yourself awake today, we’ve got an interview in a couple of hours, then we’ve got to meet our support band, do sound check before we go on tonight, then we have to wait until everyone’s gone, get the equipment in the bus and then and only then check into the hotel. You think you can handle all that with a few hours’ sleep?” Gerard said with scepticism.

I had to admit that it did sound like a heavy load. “Well what’s coffee and energy drinks for if it isn’t for keeping people like me awake?” I said getting up off the floor. Gerard and Ray just looked at me as if I were crazy. “Speaking of which…who wants some coffee?” I said loudly with a smile on my face. I heard Gerard and Ray groan as they went back to sleep. “Guess that’s a no then?” I chuckled as I left them to sleep.

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