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Frank and Mikey won't speak to Fiona so she spends some time with the other Way brother, Gerard.

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Fiona's POV

Mikey had already left the hotel room by the time I had got out of the bedroom, Frank and Gerard were staring at the door when I came in which gave me some sort of clue.

“Where’s Ray?” I asked the guys not wanting to play 20 questions with them at the moment.

“He went down with Mikey, what happened with you two in there?” Gerard asked carefully.

I sighed in defeat. “Guys do we really need to do this now, we had an argument…kind of and he hates me now” I said glumly, tears threatening. Gerard walked around the breakfast bar and enveloped me in his arms. It was unusual for Gerard to hug me; usually it was Frank or Mikey.

I looked over Gerard’s shoulder to see Frank looking down, either there was something very interesting on the floor or he was ignoring me as well. Once Gerard had backed away I tried to get Frank’s attention to see what was really happening.

“Frank?” I said clearly, so I knew he could hear me.

He didn’t move. Gerard supressed a sigh but instead rolled his eyes at his friend. I blinked in realisation; I had just called Frank ‘his friend’ not ‘my friend’ or even ‘our friend’. My worst fear was coming alive. I was again losing the people I loved because I acted out of order.

This time my tears didn’t give me warning, they came cascading down my cheeks. I sniffed and put all my effort into not crying but instead of stopping, my silent tears were turning into loud gross sobs.

“Frank please?!” I begged while he looked away even more and started for the door. “Frank!” I wailed loudly as he left me and Gerard alone in the room.

I looked at him in confusion; I was in desperate need of answers. “Shhhh” He hushed me as he rubbed my arms in comfort. “He’s just worried that if he associates with you anymore Mikey will…”

My sobs suddenly stopped in worry and shock yet the tears still made their way out. “Mikey will…?” I continued when he paused desperate to know.

Gerard looked around the room uncomfortably. “He’s just doesn’t want anything to happen between you and Mikey especially when it could be his fault”

I nodded, I knew what he meant. He meant Frank didn’t want to talk to me incase Mikey broke up with me. Would he really do that? I was in love with the man; I didn’t know what to do if he left me.

The bus driver/tour manager that I never really saw must have checked us all out and we were all back on the bus. Gerard went to stick his bag in the holder and I went on board. When I got on they were all in the sitting area, Mikey was in the booth with Ray, and Frank was setting up a video game. I passed them all keeping my eyes straight ahead, if they wanted to ignore me then I would ignore them as well.

I went into the bunk room and went to Gerard’s bunk, he wouldn’t need it now and there was no way in hell I was going to go in Frank’s or Mikey’s. “Where’s Fiona?” I heard Gerard ask. I only heard Ray reply, Mikey and Frank remained quiet and soon I could hear the dull roar of gun shots from Frank’s game.

The noise grew louder but soon went back down to a dull roar when someone had opened and closed the bunk room door. There was a slight rattle at the bunk before someone opened the curtain. “Hey” Gerard said most likely feeling slightly awkward at the moment.

“Hey Gerard, sorry you probably want your bunk don’t you?” I said getting ready to drop down but before I could get my legs over the side Gerard stopped me.

“No, no. I’m fine…for the moment, I mean I’ll need it later for when I want to sleep” He said with a nervous chuckle in his voice.

“Oh, of course Gerard. Don’t worry I wasn’t going to take your bunk it’s just if they are going to ignore me then I’m ignoring them.” I said quietly so they didn’t find out. Gerard nodded and went back into the living space.

I closed the curtain and decided to sleep while I could, it would seem I didn’t have a bunk tonight so I guess I was sleeping on the floor. I closed my eyes and the sound of murmurs and Frank’s gun shots were the last thing I heard before I drifted off.


My head felt heavy and it was aching slightly. I didn’t know If that was due to me not sleeping enough or having too much sleep, or maybe just sleeping awkwardly as I usually do. Mikey frequently told me that I would kick him in the night and sprawl across the bunk/bed/whatever we were sleeping in.

I had only just realised that I was being shaken. I opened my eyes slowly and was greeted by a painful bright light and too-vibrant-for-my-awakening red hair. It was Gerard. I inwardly groaned and began to get up; I knew I had to get out of his bed.

“Sorry Gerard I’ll get out now. At least your bunk will be warm” I said groggily soon ending with a yawn. He chuckled slightly and helped me down, I would have hated to see what would have happened if he didn’t help me, I could visualize myself now, face planting the floor.

“You want me to put you in Mikey’s bunk then?” He questioned carefully. I put my hand up in protest and shook my head. I was slightly scared that if I spoke now I would sound like Chewbacca or something. “Fiona, if you’re not going to sleep in Mikey’s bunk then where are you going to sleep?” He whined too loudly for my adjusting ears.

“Gerard! You sound like my mother!” I whined back at him. I missed my mum, but not enough to visit her. Thoughts of family came rushing back and I remembered that we were going to London and meeting my brother…well at least I hope we still were.

“Hey Gerard?” I asked in the most innocent and expecting voice, he looked at me suspiciously and only acknowledged me as a sign to continue. “We’re still going to London right?” He thought about the question for a moment as If he were trying to decipher a hidden code behind it before he answered.

“Yes….why? What have you got going on in that crazy mind of yours?” He said while throwing his hands in the air to exasperate how crazy my mind was to him.

“Well, I was wondering if I could still see my brother when we get there.” I said dragging out the sentence and trying to make it sound as innocent as possible. He looked surprised for a moment which got me worried that he thought we couldn’t or we wouldn’t! But to my surprise he was just surprised that I still had to ask.

“Fiona, I’m not going to deny you the right to go see your brother” He said while chuckling at my foolery.

“I know, it’s just I don’t want to come back and find an empty space where the bus was once parked.” I answered truthfully.

Gerard wrapped me in his arms and whispered to me. “Fiona we are never going to leave you until you want us to leave, okay? Remember that please” I nodded and then Gerard placed a kiss on my head, Gerard was a good man. He was one of the most genuine guys I had ever met, all these guys were and I was just some sort of accident that happened to them along the way.

Gerard backed away and climbed into his bunk, it was only then had I realised he was wearing some ‘groovy’ pjs. They were grey and black with mini skulls and cross bones on them. I suppressed a giggle and just shook my head as I wandered to the bathroom. Maybe I could sleep in there I thought with another giggle.

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