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The Need To Talk

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Mikey and Fiona talk about what happened last night and Mikey isn't too happy.

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Mikey’s POV:

I woke up but decided to keep my eyes closed. I wanted to stay in the blissfully warm bed, I wanted to sleep for just five minutes…but my subconscious was kicking me to get up. This was the day we were back on the road heading for London, the capital city of England.

I yawned and stretched my muscles, forcing them to wake, my arm flopped back onto the bed, feeling the cold empty space next to me. Fiona. She was gone again, she must be awake; no doubt hungry. I chuckled slightly, this girl was sure giving me a run for my money, always keeping me in hot water it would seem; never letting me settle. But I suppose that is the life of a rock star?

I flung my legs over the side of the bed and stood up slowly, stretching my arms again but I was soon greeted by the floor. I had tripped over something; I lifted my feet and inspected the black material that was wrapped around them. I soon realised that it was Fiona’s dress that she was wearing last night. Was she walking around the house naked?! I thought in horror, I didn’t want the other guys to see her, she was mine! I blushed at the thought and ran to my draws to get the nearest pair of jeans.

I busted through the bedroom door to the kitchen but saw no naked Fiona but a startled Frank and Ray.

“You alright there buddy? Spider in your room or something?” Ray said looking at me bemused by my eccentric entrance.

“Raaaaaaaaaaaaay! Don’t mention those black eight legged beasts!” Frank whined loudly while shuffling away from him.

“All I said was…” Ray leaned in closely to Frank’s ear and whispered coldly “…Spider” Frank whimpered and shuddered at the thought while Ray was laughing his ass off. I chuckled along with Ray, finding the whole performance hilarious. I soon regained my breath and my mind got back on task.

“No, there was no…” Death glares from Frank hit me hard before I could say anything else “…No black beasts" I said while wiggling my fingers in the air. "I was just wondered where Fiona was, I found her dress on the floor and well…I was wondering if she…I mean…”

“Mikey stop babbling, I’m right here” She giggled while making her way over to the breakfast bar “You’re a fool, you know that right?” She said with a hint of mock hate.

Fiona’s POV:

I watched him babble along like a dummy from across the room. God how could one man be a doofus and adorable at the same time? “Mikey stop babbling, I’m right here” I giggled while making my way to the breakfast bar. “You’re a fool, you know that right?” I said with a hint of mock hate.

Mikey returned my tone to a face of mock horror, his mouth fell open and he gasped slightly. Me and Mikey laughed for a moment and then it struck me, this is the happiest we’ve been together as a couple, no mystery girl, no Liam, no crying, no nothing just us being happy. My smile soon turned into a grin, his smile on the other hand was enough to make puppies weep with joy.

Frank must have seen me staring because he interrupted our little moment. “You know what they say about Mikey’s smile Fiona?” My grin fell back into a smile as I turned to answer his question as Mikey went to get a glass of water.

“No, Frank Anthony Iero, what do they say about the lovely Michael James Way’s smile?”

“Whoa whoa whoa! How do you know my middle name?” Frank asked looking at me and waving his arms about as if I was some sort of magical witch out of Harry Potter.

“It was all over the blogs you follow on tumblr!” I shouted while laughing at him.

“Frank has a tumblr?!” Gerard gasped, walking in at the wrong moment. “Fess up, Frankie…does it have frerard on it?”

“No!” He said a little too quickly. Although I had seen no frerard on his tumblr or on the dashboard, I could tell by his sneaky smirk that he was hiding something.

“LIES!” I shouted while pointing at him and laughing even more.

“Fiona, you shut up! I hate you for going on my tumblr! I help you and this is the thanks I get?” My smile dropped off my face I was positive that if I looked down I would see shards of what remained on the floor.

“Ooops” He said in realisation just a little too late. Cover his mouth soon after.

“Wait what Frank help you with?” Mikey said in a confused yet worried tone. I could see in his hazel eyes that he was concerned even if he was desperately trying to hide it.

“Nothing” I said, looking anywhere else except at Mikey, I chose to give death glares at Frank while he mouthed ‘sorry’ to me. Like his apologies were going to help now! Mikey gave me a glare which I knew wasn’t good, looks like I wouldn’t be getting out of this one. “I just, it was girly problems and you were asleep and I didn’t go to him he was just awake” I panicked trying desperately for it not to sound as if we had done anything.

Mikey slowly put down his glass. “What do you mean girly problems?” He said making a disgusted face.

“Nothing like that Mikey! I mean…I just…it’s hard to explain but I promise you nothing happened” I said defensively while putting my hands in the air.

Mikey glared at me then to Frank then back to me as if he was trying to figure something out. He looked down at his glass and picked it back up, sighing heavily in the action and turning back to the room.

“Mikey wait!” I shouted, running after him. I opened the bedroom door that he had shut in compliance with his exit and shut it after I gave Frank a look of pure hate. “Mikey what’s wrong?” I asked just above the whisper, slightly scared at the reaction I would get.

“Nothing's wrong, we just need to pack, we’re leaving today” he said grumpily while striding towards the cupboards and emptying them.

“Mikey, stop for a moment. Please, I just want to talk. We have plenty of time to pack” I said calmly, putting a hand on his arm but he shook it off as he went to get our bags from underneath the bed.

“If you want to talk why not talk to Frank? Hmm?” He barked.

I took a step away from him, shocked and frightened by his reaction. “I don’t want to talk to Frank! I want to talk to you, you’re acting so silly. Nothing happened okay?”

He paused and leant over the bed putting one had upon it to steady his weight and another was currently running over his face, no doubt a natural reaction from the stress. “Fiona, I know nothing would happen between you and Frank. He is loyal as a fucking dog, he would never even think of doing something like that, plus I trust you." There was a sombre silence before he continued "I'm just a little uneasy that you think you can’t talk to me because I’m sleeping.”

He turned his head and stared at me, correction he didn’t stare at me he stared into me, it was like he was trying to find the secrets of the universe in my eyes and I couldn’t take it. I felt my eyes prick with tears, what he had said was beautiful, it was more than love right now, he trusted me, he was willing to be there for me. No it wasn’t just love any more it was more than that, so much more.

He stood up and opened his arms wide. I didn’t need any more of an invitation to run into his arms and that was exactly what I did. After a moment of standing there embracing he finally backed away and continued to pack our bags. I tried to help but he just instructed me to stay out of the way, I knew he was still upset and I guess time would just have to help and heal now.

I sat on the bed and watched him scurry around the room, emptying the draws and the rest of the compartments in the room until it looked like no one had been here. He grabbed our bags and barely brushed past me without a side glance and out of the room. I sighed and followed him.

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