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Frank and Fiona become friends again, All the guys meet Fearless Vampire Killers and Mikey and Fiona have a serious talk about their relationship.

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Mikey's POV

She soon fell asleep on my shoulder and I carried her to my bunk, she was lighter than I imagined but I let that pass as I was just pulling the blankets over her. Gee and the guys came in and made themselves comfy in the living area.

“I can’t believe they won’t let us in the hotel yet!” Frank shouted; he was obviously annoyed.

“Frank it’s policy, we can only check in after a certain time. It’s how it works” Gee said putting a hand on his shoulder and shrugging. Frank effortlessly flung himself onto the sofa.

I went into the living space to greet them; I was met with faces of concern, confusion and suspicion when they saw that I wasn’t with Fiona.

“Where’s Fiona?” Ray said looking around the bus and past me to find her. I saw Frank through the corner of his eye glance past me too but didn’t bother to show too much interest.

I pointed behind me as I explained. “She in my bunk sleeping, we talked while you were gone. Were alright now” I said putting my hands in my pockets and swaying on my feet indifferently.

The guys nodded and smiled in approval. “'Bout time bro” Gerard said while open a can of diet coke.

“Yeah so just keep it quiet…” I said trailing off slightly. Frank kept catching my attention; he just kept his head down, not moving at all. It was kind of worrying.

I sat down next to him on the sofa. “Frank when she wakes up you should talk to her okay?” He looked up at me with wide and worried eyes.

“What if I screw things up again? I don’t want to be the problem between you” He said sternly.

Frank was a good friend to worry about my relationship for me. His commitment almost baffled me; he was willing to lose a friend in order for my relationship.

“Frank, it’s alright, we’re fine. Nothing will part us. I don’t mind her talking to you, I’m glad that she does. She needs people to talk to especially with whatever trauma she’s been through. I just...I was just upset because I almost lost her and I didn’t want to lose her again” I explained not really making eye contact with anyone.

“I get you buddy.” Frank said patting my back and nodding.

“So you’ll talk to her?” Questioned, making sure he would.

“I’ll talk to her” He confirmed. We then all each wondered off and did our own things while waiting to get into the hotel.


A few hours later it was time for us to meet the supporting band. I told Frank to go wake Fiona up to get ready, he nodded and shuffled into the bunkroom, closing the door to just ajar. From the living space I could hear the gist of their conversation.

“Fiona, wake up we’ve got to go meet the supporting band even though you’ve already met them” Frank whispered to her.

“Hey Frank, you talking to me now I see” She said groggily yet the coldness that emitted from her voice was clear.

“Yeah and I’m sorry about not before. I missed talking to you” Frank said. I tried to get nearer to the door so I could hear them better.

“I missed you too!” Fiona said enthusiastically. There was a pause for a few seconds. “Friends now?”

“Friends” He said confirming with a giggle, I could hear their footsteps getting louder, they were coming towards the door.

I ran towards the coffee pot to pretend that I was doing something. They came out laughing and smiling. Fiona came over to be and gave me a kiss as wound her arms around my waist and rested her head on my chest, I put my arm around her.

“Yay! The family is back together!” Ray shouted with joy, we all laughed along. Ray was right, we were a family and it was good to be back together.

“Fiona...I thought I said you had to stay awake?” Gerard mused, tearing his gaze from the magazine he had.

Fiona leaned back and looked up at me accusingly. “Mikey, you told him?”

“Hey hey! It’s hard hiding a sleeping girl on a small bus” I said defensively while laughing at her reaction, she was so adorable when she was angry.

“Right let’s go meet this support band, you said they were nice right Fiona?” Gerard asked while standing up and getting out the bus. We all followed him out and into the lobby. Once in the lobby we were then shown to a private room where the supporting band was sat on some lime green sofas. They stood as we entered and shook our hands before we started to discuss.

“So what’s you’re band called?” Ray asked as we went to sit on the lime green sofas opposite them.

“We’re the Fearless Vampire Killers, I’m Laurence, and this is Kier, Drew, Barrone and Luke” The tanned man with black hair said while pointing everyone out. “No need for your introductions we already know who you are and we already know who she is too” The one called Kier said with a grin and a chuckle, we laughed along with him.

It was weird most people knew who we were yet I personally always felt rude when I didn’t introduce myself. I also didn’t like it that he called Fiona ‘she’ it felt rude, almost informal but other than that they seemed alright.

“So you’ll guys will be on stage for an hour, you should come on around 7:30 and you can sound check after lunch around 1ish should do and then we'll discuss the next concert tomorrow.” Gerard explained to them. They nodded with agreement.

We soon left, dragging ourselves back on to the bus, we were all so bored, it wasn't helpful that we had to wait until Fearless Vampire Killers did there sound check to do ours. I sat on the sofa with Fiona, my arm around her; I let my head flop back as I tried to think of something to do.

From the corner of my eye I saw Fiona take out her phone and stare at a text. I tried my best to see what it said from where I was but to no avail the writing was too tiny.

It was quiet for a moment, I guess we were all in thought of something to do but the silence was interrupted by Fiona. “Hey you guys, do you want to go around London for a bit? Gerard, remember I told you I wanted to go see my brother? Well I texted him saying that I was in London today and he offered to meet me at some place called the Royal Botanic Gardens in…Kew. Do you wanna go with me?”

I propped my head back up when she said this. It was a while before anyone answered her, I knew what they were thinking; they were worried about the fans. They couldn’t afford getting seen with Fiona just yet. We needed to present her to our fans, not the media; they had a way with twisting words. I on the other hand was more occupied with the thought of meeting her brother. She had said at the airport in America that he was nice and we’d get along but I wasn’t sure. I guess you could say I was nervous.

“Fiona…what about the media?” Frank said what was all on our minds.

“Guys, do you really think your fans are going to go to a garden?” She spoke down to us. We all looked at each other for confirmation, she was right, ours fans were not the ones to go to gardens or sometimes even go outside at all but could we chance it?

“I guess you’re right Fiona but we’re just worried” Gerard explained with a sigh.

“Worried about what, getting eaten by a plant?” She asked.

“Do you think that could actually happen?” Frank questioned in reply excitedly.

We all ignored his question and carried on to answer Fiona.

“We’re worried about you and the media” I said with a sigh, I wanted to present her to the fans at the interview today, in reality I should have had this conversation with her before.

“What do you mean?” She asked turning to look me in the eyes. I could see that behind her calm composure she was getting concerned now, her dark brown eyes exuded her worry, her face slightly contorted. I frowned and looked over to the guys for some help.

“We’ll leave you to talk” Ray said getting up and going into the bunk room, Gerard and Frank followed.

I turned back to Fiona; she was desperately looking at me for an answer that I could not refuse her. With a sigh I started to explain. “Fiona, I’ve been waiting to have this talk for a while now.” Her eyes were wide and noticeable scared. “Don’t worry I’d hate to feel as if I’m pressuring you but…” I paused, almost too afraid of denial and rejection that I was almost sure would come with my request. “But I would like it, if I could possibly, maybe, present you in the interview tomorrow…as my girlfriend…” I squeezed my eyes closed as I waited her response.

There was silence but I didn’t dare peak. The silence though was not broken by words but rather with an action; I felt her soft lips lightly caress the tip of my nose. I opened my eyes in shock at the response.

“Mikey, it would mean the world to me if you did that, it would be the most perfect thing that everything that is naturally perfect in the world would look ugly in its presence” She explained breathlessly keeping the close proximity between us and eyes locked.

I couldn’t help but smile, the smile grew bigger and bigger as I thought about what had just happened more and more, soon I was sitting there with a daft grin spread across my face. She started to close the small gap between us leaning in ever so slightly, it was more than an invitation to lean in and so the gap shrank until our bodies were pressed against each other and our lips met.

Electric tingled across us as our lips moved together expertly. This was like no other kiss I had had with her, before our kisses would be feverish or mere pecks but this one was more, it was filled with love that glowed inside us.

“You guys we left for you to talk not for you to stick your tongues down each other’s throats!” Frank wailed as he bounced through the door.

“Were you guys…listening to us?” Fiona said with disbelieve and disgust.

“No!” Frank said just above a whisper avoiding eye contact and failing to cover up his girlish giggles.

“Whatever rocks your boat I guess…” Fiona said giving Frank a weird and confused look. Frank’s jaw dropped as the guys and I just laughed. Our heads flying back with the hilarity.

“Anyway…I don’t care about the media, and if it wasn’t obvious that was a yes to the interview idea. Now can we stop acting like pervy idiots and go!” Fiona said turning to me. With that we all got ready to leave for the garden.

My heart thumbing lightly in my chest as the nerves began to set in.

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