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Family Tree

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Fiona and the guys meet her brother but will it be a happy family reunion or a big mistake?

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Fiona’s POV

We arrive late at the Garden centre; we were desperately trying to find an extra pair of sunglasses for me before we set one foot off the bus. I tried to persuade them to let me go without the glasses but at mention of this Frank ran towards the door and blocked it shut.

The bus had practically been turned upside down before we found a pair...sitting in the fruit bowl but by then we were already late so I made them promise to tidy it up when we got back.

As we walked into the garden we were greeted by an abundance of flowers and plants, they were all different colours and as I looked more closely I could see species of flowers and plants I’d never even heard of. The garden my brother had picked for us to was perfect and the smell of freshly cut grass just added to it all.

I was slightly concerned what he would think of me being with this group and being with Mikey. I knew they both liked rock bands and had similar tastes but in my heart I felt doubt, I was bracing myself, thinking of all the worst outcomes.

We strolled around the garden first before meeting my brother, the guys were indifferent towards the flowers and Frank was on high alert for any that would try to eat him. He even asked the guard if there were any in here before we went in.

I kept an eye out for my brother, I hadn’t seen him in such a long time, the last time was around my 21st birthday, after the party he flew back to Britain while I stayed in America.

“Fiona! Hey Fiona!” I heard my brother’s voice call from behind me. I turned to see him walking up to us.

“Oh...Hey” I said in confusion at the sight of him. The first thing that struck me was his suit, not his tan or hair that seemed to be a tad blonder or even the girl that was practically draped across him, it was his suit. I had never seen him in a suit before; it seemed so formal, too formal for this occasion at least.

“Sorry, we’re late I could see you behind this group of people...” He said trailing off slightly when he understood that they weren’t just some random group of people, that they we my group of people. “...Fiona?” He asked glancing back between me and the boys.

“Yeah, about them, I sort of live...with them?” I said almost as a question than a statement afraid at what his reaction would be. There was an awkward silence as he digested this new information before he spoke.

“ with them? All of them?” He started still confused.

“On a bus” I said cutting in.

“On a...on a bus” He said, his tone becoming more and more confused and concerned with each sentence.

“And they are not just a group of people but a group of men who are actually a band…who are actually the men from the band My Chemical Romance” I said quickly and shrinking in fear for what would happen next.

“My Chemical Romance? You’ve got to be kidding me!” He practically shouted with an audible laughter that was full of shock rather than humour.

“Shhhh!” We all shushed him, looking around in panic to see if anyone had heard him and Frank...still looking around for carnivorous plants that could place a threat to eat him.

“No way, no way, no way, no way” He said repeating himself, first with disbelieve and doubt but with each repeat the rage that came with the realisation of it all became very clear. “No way.” He said finally with a stern tone.

Once I heard his final opinion on the matter, his stern and clear disapproval of me being with them, I suddenly became less afraid of him. I knew he would never approve now so instead of submission I turned rebellious against him.

“Yes way! Actually these two Ways and guess what? I’m going out with one of them!” I challenged him. He paused for a moment, deliberating what to do next but before I knew it I was been dragged off by the arm to one side. “Hey! Let go of me!” I shouted at him in protest.

“I haven’t seen my little sister in yeas and you come home with rockstars? Why did you keep this from me? Are you one of them? Are you in there group?!” He conjured.

“You can’t talk! You’re in a bloody suit with a girl draped across you like nobody’s business, and you think you can talk about keeping secrets? I haven’t got a job but speaking of them what the fuck is yours?!” I shouted back at him.

I was sure everyone in the garden was looking at us and positive that the guys weren’t feeling all to comfortable but I wasn’t allowing my brother to get away with this and I sure as hell wasn’t going to let him take me away from this either.

“She’s my girlfriend” He started to explain

“And he’s my boyfriend!” I cut him off once again; I paused for a moment, just thinking back over what I had just said. Tomorrow everyone will know about you two, a nagging voice in the back of my head said but I dropped it.

My brother shook his head in anger and sighed in frustration. “I now work at a humanities law firm near here and I should be getting back. All I can say is at least one of us has a job.” He said as he turned to walk away but I wasn’t having it.

“No.” I said sternly, folding my arms.

“Excuse me?” He asked turning back to meet my glare.

“ You heard me, I said, no.”

“You can’t just say no”

“No, you can’t come here to meet me with a new girlfriend, a new job and then accuse me of being the one who kept secrets”

“Ha! There’s a difference between us though, you’re a little girl…and how old is he!” He said pointing at Gerard.

“Wrong one, and he’s not much older than me. Look I brought them here so they could meet you, so just shut the fuck up and talk to them please!”

“Not now Fiona I just can’t...” He explained trailing off as he walked towards the exit of the garden.

I stood there gobsmacked and gazing at the exit that he had just gone through. I couldn’t believe it, he just left, he shouted at me and left. I felt a hand rest upon my shoulder, pulling me out of my stare.

“Fiona, we should go before anyone sees us” Mikey said, I nodded and went with them. Mikey wrapped his arm around my shoulders as we walked out the garden and back to the van.

It was quiet all the way there, no one spoke. I didn’t know if it was for my benefit or if they just didn’t want to but I was glad they didn’t. I rested my head on Mikey’s shoulder while I stayed thoughtful.

When we arrived back it was our time to do sound check, the guys went on stage while I found something to sit on to quietly wait for them to finish.

“Hey Fiona! You seem down in the dumps, what’s up?” an upbeat voice said, I lifted my head up to see Drew and Kier walking over to me. I merely shrugged at Drew’s question not feeling anywhere enthusiastic enough to even speak.

“Want us to cheer you up?” Kier asked as he sat down next to me. I nodded and soon they were pulling faces, they had decided that the best way to cheer me up was with silly and immature fun, a funny face contest to be exact.

Kier bulged his eyes out while scrunching up his nose whereas Drew pulled at his mouth and nose. I laughed at their expression, only a person dead inside could not laugh at them.

“Our mission is complete agent timid!” Kier said speaking into an imaginary walky-talky his was miming to hold.

“Aye aye captain Lost Heart!” Drew reported back, mimicking him. “Good job too because by the looks of it MCR have finished their sound check.” He continued to say looking toward the guys, I turned to find them all walking our way.

I waved Drew and Kier off as I went to join them. “Someone’s looking happier” Gerard said, smiling at me. I smiled back and nodded to him. We then strolled towards the bus, getting ready for tonight’s show.

Okay so when I wrote this chapter I was feeling shitty so this chapter will no doubt reflect that and will be, shitty.
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