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Could we burn, Darling?

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The show begins, Fiona finally hears what Fearless Vampire Killers sound like and her and Kier have some alone time.

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Fiona's POV

The show had just started, Fearless Vampire Killers were just walking on, the crowd screamed and shouted with praise at their arrival on stage. I was interested at hearing them play for the first time; they had said they were often shown to those who liked My Chemical Romance so I waited in anticipation for them to start.

“Hello darlings! We’re Fearless Vampire Killers!” Kier shouted to the crowd. They cheered back at him. “We’re going to start with a song called Necromania!” He shouted again, taking their positions to start.

They were right when people said they sounded like My Chemical Romance. I listened to them thoughtfully and when the second chorus came I knew by then I loved their music. Kier sang a couple more songs and then he swapped with Laurence.

“Hello, lovelies! May I say how beautiful you all look tonight here in Grandomina. ! Now let me ask you a question, who’s got a girlfriend or boyfriend?”

The crowd cheered as a signal of 'yes'.

“I bet you fucking hate them don’t ya?” The crowd cheered once more. “Whoa! Whoa! I hope there not here” Laurence said chuckling to himself. “Sometimes you want to set them on fire, right?” He asked the crowd again. The crowd cheered louder recognising which song was they were about to play next. “Burn them and fuck their fucking burnt corpse” He continued.

“Whoa, that stuff’s a bit morbid man” Kier said cutting into Laurence’s charade.

“I’m sorry Kier! You’re right that was a bit far, I’m sorry” He said playing along. He paused for a moment loving the crowd’s energy towards them. He pointed at a random person in the crowd and shouted towards them “Could we burn, Darling?” slyly announcing the song’s title.

The crowd cheered again and they started to play.

“But could we burn darling?
Like fires in the night
Their eyes shine like gaslight
Their fingers gag my throat
If I could get away, I'd do anything to save you and say
Could we burn darling?
Like colliding meteorites
They say I'm broken
But I promise I can stay with you a while...”

And with that they ended, the crowd screamed in ecstasy. They were very good. I smiled to them as they walked off.

“Wish me luck” Mikey said hugging me tightly and kissing my forehead.

“Good luck!” I said happily. “I don’t think you’ll need it though. You always play amazingly.” I said, smirking slightly. Mikey grinned at my comment and blushed slightly. I giggled and waved him off. Life was brilliant.

As I watched the crowd of what seemed mostly teenager’s jump to the beat of their music, I thought about what was happening. It seemed surreal, like I was in a dream. Life had gotten so much better, I wasn’t in a degrading job, I didn’t have to put up with horrid slimy pitiful excuses for men and my depression had gotten so much. I now had a new life, a new start and who could ask for a better start? I was with the best men in the world, living the life that so many dreamed of and the best thing out of it all was Mikey.

I sighed remembering the interview tomorrow, how was it going to go down? Was I going to be with them when he says it r will I be behind camera? I twisted the fabric of my dress in my finger, my palms sweating due to the nerves. Was I getting cold feet? My breathing became unsteady as I went over everything again and again; thinking through every possible outcome and solution.

I was deep in thought, so much so that I didn’t realise Kier was trying to get my attention until I heard the obnoxious noise of his finger clicking in front of my eyes.

“Fiona? Fioooonaa? Hellooooo, Kier to Fiona!” Kier said trying to get my attention.

I looked up at him with wide eyes, I watched the smile on his face fade away as he realised something was wrong.

“What’s up?” He asked.

I shook my head in defeat, the lump in my throat making it impossible to explain anything. “Fiona, what is the matter?” He asked more sternly, demanding an answer out of me.

“I can’t...” I replied desperately, only letting out half the sentence as my brain went into overdrive.

“Can’t what?” He asked calmly.

“I can’t do this!” I shouted at him as I made a run for the back entrance.

“Fiona!” I heard him shout as I ran through the door and towards the bus, It seemed like a good enough sanctuary. I jumped into Mikey’s bunk, drawing the curtain behind me and burying my face in his pillow. I couldn’t do this; everyone would see me, judge me. What if they didn’t like me? What If Mikey didn’t want to be with me because his fans hate me?

“Fiona what is wrong, you can’t just run off like that! What if someone sees you! You really know how to scare us guys don’t you?” He accused as he stood outside the closed off bunk. I didn’t dare speak, afraid that my voice would betray me.

I simply cried as silently as I could as I listened intently to every move Kier made. I heard him sigh followed by a sliding noise and a thud. “Fiona, you’ve got to be careful. You cannot slip up; it’s just not an option anymore.”

I got angry at what he said and ripped the curtain across. “Why can’t I have the option? Everyone else gets it so why can’t I?!” I shouted at him, noticing he was sitting on the floor. I was furious at everything that was going on.

“Calm down, I was merely stating...”

“Yeah well don’t! I don’t need this!” I shouted again, cutting him off.

“Look, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to upset you so much” He murmured looking down towards his feet.

I stopped and realised what had just happened and instantly felt guilty. “No Kier, I’m sorry. It’s just...” I paused unsure if I should continue to tell him. “...I’m afraid.” I admitted.

“Why are you afraid?” He question curiously.

“Because of all of this.” I stated gesture to the space around me. “Mikey’s going to tell everyone about us tomorrow and I don’t know if I’m up for it. I love him, there’s no doubt about that and it’s not that I don’t want to share our love, it’s just what if I’m not good enough for everyone?” I said calmly, looking him in the eyes so I could know exactly what he was thinking.

He gave me a confused look and tipped his head to one side. “What do you mean not good enough for everyone? Who’s everyone?”

“Everyone, Kier! The fans! His parents! My parents! My brother already doesn’t like me being with him…what if everyone else doesn’t like it too?” I explained to him.

He paused and looked at me as if I was dumb; he chuckled and slid over to me. “Fiona, you are the silliest of all the girls I have met. I don’t think any of them have been as insecure as you. You are perfect, in absolutely every way. Don’t you ever think you’re not good enough...ever! Okay? I’m sure everyone will love you and everyone will be happy that you and Mikey are together. Now let’s go back to the concert before they know you’re gone.”

I nodded and walked with Kier. He took my hand in his and I blushed. It was weird yet I didn’t want to stop it. He led me to my usual seat off stage and left to regroup with his own band.

I sighed as I watch him leave. It was nice that him and I spoke and it was good that he helped me with my panic attack but I had a nagging feeling in the back of my head that said to be weary of the future.

I actually though I was never going to write this. Just in general, I haven't been up to writing much any more lately. The person you rated my story bad was right this is a trainwreck but I feel bad to what seems that one person still reading it so I shall 'Keep calm and carry on'. Just going to leave this link...right here :D
Any reviews or rates would be immensely appreciated! I'm not just saying that either!
Thank you so so much to anyone still reading this! I absolutely adore you if you are!
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