Review for Auditions!!!!!


(#) PartyPoisen 2012-06-16

Name- Aven Gray
Age- 17

Part- victim, Frank family member. Cousin if possible

Hair- Shoulder black hair. kinda shapes face (Like curled a little at the bottom) blue fringe

Eyes, Skin and Makeup-blue gray eyes. Pale skin. red lip stick and thick eye liner.

Personality - out going hyper. jokester (would be the person to "fake" her death or scream for no reason to scare people)

Piercings/Tattoos- snake bits. Right side of her nose. Bella Vita she got from her friends brother on her right rib.

How she was murdered- She was kidnapped and her kidnapper waited fro her to wake up from being hit in the back of the head and blacking out. He cut the tips of her finger, then skin her chest and her pretty little tattoo. He flaunts the tattoo in front of her face so she can see she doesn't have a "beautiful Life" From there when she scream he grabs her tongue and cuts it right off leaving her to gag on her blood and almost suffocating before she can die though he slits her throat wide open sending a pool to the floor and down the drain right under here.

How she reacted to the murders-
She is scared of course but doesn't think that it will be her. She has nightmares of her death and each one gets worse and worse. she dreams of the way she is going to die before she wakes up and the kidnapper takes on those acts.