Review for I'm Good To Go

I'm Good To Go

(#) AshleyChaotic 2006-10-30

So, this chapter is by far my favorite.
Why you ask? I have two reasons why.
Two] FUCKINALLY, Pete and Ev are starting to go somewhere. But I should really shut my mouth, because knowing miss Evie, she's gonna pull a stunt.

My favorite parts
/"If you weren't already so wrapped up in boy trouble, I'd so kiss you," I groaned and smacked his hands.

"Ok, that's enough, Joe,"/
Joe is too cute. I'm going to Joe's-R-Us to get me my own. I love how he's always the comical relief in this story.

/ "I'm staying here," he declared and I took a shaky breath before lifting my fingertips to my lips.

I couldn't tell what was running through my mind, because all I could picture was Pete and I, together.

Just like this./
Cute. Cute. Cute. You don't understand how badly I want those two together. She better pick the right person Ev. SHE BETTER.

I feel bad for Andy though. Don't get me wrong. But I'm glad he knows about the whole kissing thing, and I'm even more glad-er, that he found out from Evie.

Now with Patrick and Izzy.
You know how I feel about those two.
God dammit, they are made for eachother. Patrick needs to get over his shyness and be a manly man. And Miss Izzy needs to open her eyes and pull a move. I want them together. jrewbgbei.

Did I mention that I totally love the fact that Dirty was in this chapter? Yup.

Ew, my finger is bleeding.
But I keep typing.
That's true love right thur. haha.

Ashley Chaotic