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Pen Pals

(#) Bella_Jinxx 2012-06-20

Wicked beginning!! Can't wait to read more!'
I should introduce myself too.
Welcome to FuckedWad and all that song and dance. I'm Ash Harlequin Shadow (it's a pseudonym, I hate my real name) and I used to go by Bella Ashlie and now it's Ash. Grrrr. Hehe.
Anyway. You've come at the right time to come and help us fight the new troll on the block. coughEMMALOCKHART12cough
If she reviews your work, grin and wave it off, call her a little girl or something like that.
And if you need any help or anything, don't hesitate to email me at-

See ya round sometime, Sam!
-Ash x

Author's response

Ooooh, a newbie troll? I did come at the right time! >:D Anyways, nice to meet you :D My freend, whos name is Sam too(xD only difference is I'm a dude) who for some posessed reason made her account Mcrmy- showed me the site and I thought it would give me something to do over the summer. :P