Review for I'm Good To Go

I'm Good To Go

(#) imogen993 2006-10-30

You just have no idea how much an update needed right now. Like, seriously. And ARE EVIE AND PETAH GOING TO CHITTYCHITTYBANGBANG OR WHAT?? You make it longgggggggggggggggggg. Like, urhhh.
-- Reading other reviews, I have to say ashley and SZ have like the funniest reviews ever. x]

"Patrick needs to get over his shyness and be a manly man. And Miss Izzy needs to open her eyes and pull a move. I want them together" - Agrees I CAN'T HELP IF I'M BLIND. IT'S NOT MY FAULT. =]

"And still mad at Izzy as usual..." - :o Thats freaking terrible. Cries Haha. Jk, but I'M SORRY! FORGIVE ME! >.>

See Evie? You're making me look bad.