Review for Audition Time!

Audition Time!

(#) bloodbunny15 2012-06-21

Name: Danielle Devito

Nickname(s): Danni, De-De and waffle

Appearance (height, hair, eyes, etc.): 5'6, shoulder length brown-red hair, hazel eyes and pale-ish complexion

Personality: very bold and outgoing, not very good at making tough decisions, a rebel, smart, funny, intelligent, witty, creative and random

Fears: being abandoned by friends, rollercoasters and tight spaces

Important Keepsake(s): a little friendship bracelet


Part Wanted (include some back-up parts you'd be fine with): main girl (preferably) or the girlfriend

Favorite Member: Spencer or Brendon

A different member you would be close with: Jon

Any other information: she draws on everything and smokes

hope you like it :)