Review for Enough Room For Two

Enough Room For Two

(#) FrostedGlass 2006-10-31

holds out hands greedily in anticipation of what you have in story for moi
Just a humble question. Could you maybe give me some footnote translations of further Spanish utterances? I do English and German + French, Italian and Latin to a lesser degree. Everything else is Greek to me. Including Greek. (And no, this is not a sneaky way by which I want to get all of you to use footnotes in fanfic… or is it? evil laugh chokes more evil laughing) You´re stirring up my emotions. An emotional cocktail with a hint of plonk, dude.

Author's response

Of course, I shall do it now for you. Although I think you should just keep the habit of learning languages and learn Spanish . Meh! You know Italian - that's near enough Spanish! XD