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Chapter 25 - Unwelcome Visitors

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The scan revealed a 'more-than-she-expected' pregnancy of 12 weeks. Patrick missed it. That was hard for her but she was horribly used to not having him around. Rory was sick, he had a rotten cold, now she had it.

Sarah stayed with her, she was fast becoming a permanent feature of the Stump/Mexia household.

So the set up was: Sarah helped with Rory whilst a sniffling, blocked up Shay endeavored to complete all her assignments for the last block of her degree. Rory had been whining and moaning all morning, it began to stress Sarah out, she was worried it was distracting Shay but she appeared to be working through it.

He was lay on his back on the floor whining grumpily as Shay worked at the table.

"Come on Ror...Let Mommy work..." Sarah whispered, picking him where he resisted and struggled. He cried hard and reached for Shay, his hand clasping for her. She stood up after closing her work down and gently took him from Sarah.

"Oy Muchacho..." (Hey Boy )She said in a soothing voice.

"Mi Bambino es infermo..." (My Baby is sick) She cooed to him, he stopped crying and stared into her eyes.

Sarah stared. Shay was a mother. It didn't matter what any crappy paperwork said or whether he was genetically hers. Shay was his mother. What she saw between them both was something special, something she didn't have....yet.

"You wanna drink?" she cooed to him, he nodded and she fixed him up a drink. She was so calm, so collected, Sarah had never seen her shout or lose it with him. The most he got was a firm mention of his name.

The door bell rang and Sarah rushed to get it. A woman and a man who looked too official for their own good.

"Can I help you?" She asked, pulling the door close to her.

"We're here to speak to a Miss Mexia.....We're Child Services." He said, holding a badge up. Sarah's eyes opened wide and she stared at them.

"Who is it?" Shay asked, pulling open the door.

"Mr Jackson, Miss Loader, we're from Child Services, we're here to speak with you about Rory." He said calmly. Shay studied his eyes hard.

"Of in!" She said, Sarah stood back defensively.

Sarah made them coffee and brought it in on a tray, laying it on the big rectangle coffee table. She sat to the side with Shay's permission and Rory sat on Shay's lap, sipping his juice.

They asked questions, took notes, threw looks, observed, interrogated, judged.

"Look, I don't understand, why is this a problem now...has someone reported me?" She asked.

"No. We've had proceedings come through from a Miss Mexia, who we understand is you sister?" He said, Shay nodded and swallowed hard.

"She's pursuing custody of Rory." He said,

"Oh god!" Shay blurted out. She shook her head and her whole disposition changed. She held her forehead and Sarah took Rory from her grip.

"Why is she doing this??" Shay cried, almost to herself. The woman, Miss Loader, appeared shifty in her body language, clearly a little upset at seeing Shay react this way.

"I adopted him, I don't understand.....Why is this happening?!" She asked with a frown all across her eyes.

"Adoption processes are always volatile when they're done within the immediate family." He explained.

"I can't let him go.....She just wants me to give him up?? Just like that?? I've mothered him since the day he was born!" She cried, he nodded in agreement.

"This is just the process........and off the record......know that the court will favor you." He said firmly. She shook her head and felt very dizzy.

"She's my sister!! Why is she doing this to me?!" Shay cried.

They left after an hour in her home, Shay asked Sarah to take Rory out for a while, and upon hearing them go, shut herself in the bedroom and grabbed the letters from her sister.

She re-read them quickly, scanning for the promise she made. The promise to never take him from her. She got angry when she couldn't find it and she laid the last letter down gently.

"I asked but she never promised....." She said softly, tears ran down her cheeks.

The hardest thing for Shay to comprehend was why her sister would do this to her, why was she so pent on destroying her happiness. Deep down, Shay understood her desire to get her son but it always reverted back to the fact that - how could Sophie expect her just to hand him over? She didn't want to fight for him. It was last thing she wanted.

"Sophie?" She croaked, her throat hoarse from the cold she'd had.

"You shouldn't be calling me." She said firmly.

"I need to see you."
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