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Chapter 24 - The Worst 3 for 2 Offer Everrr

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It's so not over.

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Patrick sat on the sofa, reading Rory a story from his book of Farm Animals, although his lips read, his thoughts were elsewhere.

Why is the fact she is not pregnant bothering me so much? It's not like it's even part of the grand plan, or even anything we've talked about yet. Damn my mother and her 'woman's intuition'. What the hell is that anyway?

Shay walked in, still in that blue dress, except a little more tired now. Strands of her hair were loose around her neck, her cheeks were flushed from rushing around after everyone. His eyes were drawn to her tummy.

Stop it you fool! What? This is stupidity in it's densest form. Why does a part of me feel sad? I'm male, I'm not supposed to be analyzing. Help!

"Mooo!!" Rory cooed, Patrick was distracted by the boy's attempts at the animal sounds.

"That's right! The farmer asked Evie the Cow to please be nice to the chickens in the farm yard!" He said in a cute voice. Shay smiled and sat next to them both. She cupped Rory's face and he chuckled as she tickled his chin. She leaned in, smothering his face with kisses like she always did.

"Ew! Mama stop doing that - you're grossing me out!" Patrick whined, she laughed and gripped his chin instead , tickling softly, he chuckled too and she laughed, now kissing his face all over. Rory howled in laughter at this.

"Aw , that is so cute! I wanna baby!" Sarah whined as she plopped down on the sofa.

"Kissy...Kissy!" Rory clapped.

"Sleepy Sleepy!" Shay mimicked as she pulled him up by under her his arms and slung him on her hip.

Rory rested on her shoulder, acknowledging bed time.

"Say night night everyone!" she said, walking away, he waved hit whole wrist lazily.

Sarah smiled as Pete threw himself down next to her.

"I hope when I have kids, that I can be half the Mom she is!" Sarah said, her eyes trailing after her as Shay left the room.

There was a silence as all pondered on that thought.

"You'll be a great Mom!" Pete said, putting an arm around her, heavily on her shoulder, she sunk beneath the weight of it and she smiled shyly.

"I'm terrible with kids - there's a reason she doesn't leave me on my own with him y'know!!" She laughed.

"It's different when they're your own." Patrick said thoughtfully.

Another silence.

The good dinner had left them in fairly contemplative moods. The moment was destroyed as the naked 18 month old hared into the living room shrieking in excitement.

"Rory Mexia!!" She called, playfully.

"Rory!!" She called him again, impatiently as she rushed into the living room. She whipped him up and he kicked hard as she held him tight against her.

They all tried to keep straight faces but laughter fell out of all their mouths as she heard him wrestle with him further in the bedroom.


It was barely dawn when she moaned groggily. She sat up, clutching her tummy she took a deep breath. She only just made it to the bathroom in time before spewing up hard. Patrick woke up, bolt upright, he threw the sheets back and hurried to the bathroom door.

He heard the toilet flush and the sound of the electric tooth brush. Definitely morning sickness. Now he knew she had to be pregnant, there couldn't be two coincidences! He ran back to his sheets and curled up quickly, she opened the door and slipped back in the sheets.

"Oh God....I'm dying...." She moaned gently.

"Sickness in the morning huh?" Patrick said slyly, the light flicked on and she was leaning over him.

"You look rough!" He frowned. She was glaring at him.

"Patrick. I'm going to say this one last time, I don't want to hear any more about it. I am not pregnant. It would be impossible!"

"1% chance." He said cleverly.

"Look, I would know ok? Plus....there's a reason I'm taking Birth control Patrick.....I don't want to get pregnant." She said bluntly.

There was another one of those silences, damn they were being thrown in a lot recently.

"It's the worst thing that could happen!" She continued.

Another silence.

"So just drop it." She said, rolling over on her side and closing her eyes.

There was knock at their bedroom door not long after the 'talk' they had shared.

"Hello?" Patrick asked gently, it opened slowly and a dreary looking Sarah stood at the door.

"Pete and I are ill!" She moaned gently. Shay sat up and stared.

"I think we ate something that must have disagreed with us!" She moaned again. Shay just looked to Patrick and he slowly let his draw away from hers and back to Sarah.

"Me too..." Shay said softly.


She pulled down a couple of bottles of Dioralyte and put them in the basket, she grabbed some baby stuff for Rory incase it came out in him and she queued up. She stared at big offer stand next to her.

"3 for 2 Home Pregnancy Kits"

She stared at it blankly.

"Are you kidding me?" She whispered to herself. She shook her head and casually grabbed 3 off the shelf and threw them in her basket too.

6 negative pregnancy tests should convince him.


With the house as silent as the Mary Celeste the unwrapped all of them.

"This is stupid...." She muttered as she reads the instructions. Seen as part of the joke would be to have 6 tests displaying the negative result, she stuffed them all in a plastic cup of the urine sample.

"There...." She said calmly, fixing the lid on all of the them and placing them on the table.

She fixed herself a hot water and lemon as she waited the 3 minutes for the results. She called Sarah and asked her how things were between her and Pete. They'd been very cozy for the last few weeks. She nonchalantly wandered over to them and her words cut short.

"Shay?...You still there?" Sarah asked, silence, the cell phone slipped from her hand and obliterated itself on the kitchen tiles.

Test 1 ) +

Test 2 ) +

Test 3 ) +

Test 4 ) +

Test 5 ) +

Test 6 ) +

Her home phone rang and she ignored it, still fixated on the 6 positive pregnancy tests before her.

"That totally backfired!" She gasped. Her hands went to her tummy. She moved her hands over it gently and looked down at it.

"Please let this be the effects of sleep deprivation!" She whispered, she leaned her head in her hands. She looked up again a few seconds later, seeing all 6 white sticks, laying there regimentally on the table as if waiting for an inspection.

The door burst open and he bundled in with Rory on the reigns and 2 large bags of shopping. He let them land on the floor by the front door and kicked it shut, pulling off his shoulder bag.

Rory yanked away in anticipation of huggage from Mama and he ran over full speed, she launched him up and held him tight.

He immediately strummed his lips playfully and Shay laughed.

"Daddy teaching you new tricks!?" She asked smiling,

"Dad!" He called, Patrick leaned down to his bag to fetch something and she turned and whipped up the tests in her hand and stuffed them into the back pocket of her jeans quickly.

"We had fun but it started to get a bit mental....I came home earlier than I wanted to!" He said as he made his way over to her, he held her tight and kissed her softly on the lips. She put Rory down and he reached up to her.

"Pen!" He said impatiently.

"I don't have a pen, go see in your Toy box!" she said frowning, he reached up towards her back pocket.

"Look, Mama, pen!!" he said insistently. Her eyes shot wide suddenly. She grabbed her back pocket and swallowed suddenly.

"No, I don't have anything, Rory go! - Go play in your toy box!" She said adamantly, he bounced up and down on his heels slightly and her cheeks grew hot.

He reached up again and Patrick frowned.

"He's found something he wants!" Patrick laughed. He moved to look around and she swiveled suddenly.

"I don't have anything!" She said defensively.

"You do!!" Patrick said with a huge smile.

"What are you up to??" He laughed as he came forward to tease her further.

"Nothing! Patrick - I don't!!" She said, he came at her and backed up against the wall slightly, he reached round and wrestled with her slightly and he felt the pen in her back pocket, grabbing it and he stared hard.

"Pen!!!" Yelled Rory, pointing.

"It's positive!" He whispered weakly. She pulled out the other 5 and his eyes wandered all over the blue crosses.

"You're pregnant!" He whispered.

"I'm pregnant." She replied.

"You're pregnant!" He smiled, she stared at the utter joy written all over that beautiful smile of his. There was a completely satisfactory pause to mark that occasion.

"You're ..........actually pregnant! You're gonna have a baby!" He said in disbelief.

"Yeah...." She said gently, he gripped her face and kissed her lips hard, over and over until she pushed him away slightly. It was getting a bit too much to handle, she felt panic set in.

He picked her up off the ground and twirled her around, her feet hanging off the floor. As he rested her back down on the floor, he saw the look in her eyes she got before she cried.

"Don't cry!!" He whispered to her. It was too late, her hands limply embraced him as he squeezed her tight.

"Please don't cry!" he said softly in his deep tones.

"Why aren't you scared??" She cried, his hand had reached for a tissue behind them.

"Because!" He said softly, wiping her eyes softly.

"I'll have you and you're a wonderful Mama..." He smiled, she smiled softly and he kissed her forehead.

"The timing is awful!!" She moaned, he smiled and nodded.

"Does anything ever go to plan?" He asked, she shook her head.

"No!" She sulked. She sniffled and wiped her nose gently with the tissue. He held her for a long time.

"I'm having a baby.." She said softly, saying it now had more meaning.

"You're having a baby!" He mimicked, smiling as their foreheads pressed together.

"With you!" She whispered.

"With me!" He replied.

"That doesn't sound so bad..." she whispered, he laughed gently. She kissed him gently.

"Tell me you love me!" She whispered,

"I love you Shay!" He replied. His hand gently stroking her tummy.

"And your Stump Bump!"

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