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Chapter 23 - A Woman's Intuition.

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He knew why he'd done it.

No forethought was required.

Asking her to be his wife was the only thing he had left in him to prove to her.

Prove what?

That he loved her unconditionally and without reproach. He'd never been sure about many things in his relatively inexperienced life but how he felt about this girl was different.

It was real.

It was ridiculous.

It was love.

It was/ true/ love.

"Love?" she murmured softly, he looked down at her, her eyes were closed tight in sleep. When she talked in her sleep he found it the most incurably sexy thing in the world. She was out of it, along with the little boy sleeping next to her. She moved, rolling onto her side, her leg moving up over his, he smiled as he watched her move around in slumber.

Uncertainty always visits at night, when you have a chance to stop thinking, it creeps in the back door of your mind and intrudes your thoughts. He hated it.

Tonight was different though. The back door of his mind was firmly locked. No-one and nothing was intruding tonight. He was never more certain about everything in his life than he was now.


Weeks passed, happy ones, filled with fairy cakes, pot roast and a lot of broken guitar strings.
Oh, and also a very confident 18 month old, who wasn't afraid of voicing his opinion.

"Mama!!" Rory hollered, Shay kicked the door open a little as she poked her head around the door whilst balancing a roast chicken from the oven.

"Yes little man?" She asked, he stood in the hall way, strangely with no drama around him like he usually had. Often is was a broken toy, a spilled juice cup, a torn book, even her underwear on frequent occasions. ( He loved the silk ).

She rested the oven dish on the worktop and took off her oven gloves. She walked towards him and he looked back to Patrick who was knelt down in the doorway of the living room.

"What are you up to?" She asked with a smile and leaned down in front of Rory, he looked back and up to his Mama's face.

"Hand!" He chirped. She held out her hand.

"Close ....Close eyes!" He shouted and she laughed as she did, knowing he was looking at Patrick for the next instructions.

"Hand!" He demanded again and she held out her hand.

"Open!!" He shouted excitedly, she did, gasping.

"Oh my god!" She whispered, she picked up the ring. Rory clapped his hands together and felt very proud of himself, Patrick moved over to her and knelt down again beside her and Rory.

"Now it's official....." He smiled, taking the ring and slipping it on her finger.

"Wrong finger!" She smiled, he slipped it off quickly, on to her ring finger.

"Now it's official....." She smiled. She slipped a hand round his neck and they kissed gently.

They smiled and Patrick gripped Rory and they hugged together.

"I can't wait to make you my family!" He whispered.


The house was full of family and friends, Patrick's parents had come over, the boys and Sarah.

Rory sat banging his spoon and fork on his high chair tray.

"This kids got style, I should give him lessons...." Andy smiled,

"Heck, no, my boy ain't being a drummer....he's going to be president, it's already decided..." Shay said as she busied herself in the kitchen area. Patrick smiled at her, she looked pretty today in the blue wrap over dress he'd bought her. Sarah carried in two bottles of wine and started pouring, she poured Pete a little but he stopped her quickly.

"Are you gonna sit next to me?" Pete asked her as she leaned back slightly, pulling the wine bottle away.

"I'll sit next to you Pete...." She smiled and once finished pouring more wine, pitched the chair next to him.

"You look nice with your hair like that...." He said casually, sipping his wine. Sarah smirked and took her glass.

"Thank you Pete." She said modestly, taking a sip of her red wine too. Sarah looked over at Shay and stared slightly. There was something different about her. Very different, but she didn't know what. Maybe wearing that ring had given her a confidence she'd badly needed. Shrugging it off she turned her attention to Pete.

"So Pete, how's the clothing line going...." She started.

Shay laid the rest of the food on the table and everyone began tucking in. She loved this. She adored having her family and friends around her, hearing them all talking, laughing, joking. It lit the house up. Sarah poured her more wine.

"I'm good thanks Sarah, it's already gone to my head!" She smiled, Sarah laughed.

"You always were a light weight!" She smiled and filled Sheena's glass up.

"Let me see your ring!" Sheena smiled, almost grabbing her hand and hoisting her across the table.

"That's totally awesome, but very weird....I mean Patrick....married." She said. Andy shoved her under the table.

"Ow!" She whined, she shoved him back playfully and they began scrapping playfully.

"Enough foreplay already!" Pete moaned. Sarah choked on her wine. She sniggered hard and remembered that making a twat of herself at the table was something she was trying to work on.

Patrick was leaning against the kitchen doorway, Shay was cleaning up Rory before releasing him from the restraints of his high chair.

"Anything you want to tell me?" His Mom said softly at his side. Patrick looked at her weirdly.

"I'm getting married?....." He asked, raising an eyebrow. His Mom smiled at him, she took his arm firmly.

"anything.......else?" She asked, he frowned, looking at Shay and Rory.

"...noooo......" He said with a slight smile. Patrick's mom looked over at Shay and then back to her youngest son.

"Is there something you want to tell me?" Patrick asked her with a frown. His mom smiled smugly. She looked back to Shay and nodded slightly.

"Call it a woman's intuition......But that future wife of yours is looking very ......maternal...." Patrick's mom said, wording it carefully, Patrick snapped back to Shay and stared at her.

"Huh, What?" He asked with a slight frown.

"Women do not glow like that, even if they are getting married to the sweetest boy on the earth...........she's pregnant...." Patrick's mom said casually.

No way.

Nooo/ way./

"No way!!" She said laughing as Patrick told her what his mom had said.

Everyone had gone, Pete and Sarah were staying over. Rory charged around the house burning off the last of his energy of the day.

"That's ridiculous!!" She laughed, folding the table cloth.

"So there's no way you-"

"-Patrick! I've not missed a period, I'm like clockwork, everything is normal. The idea is just absurd!!" She argued defensively.

There was a silence and Shay turned to look at Patrick, she was looking at him that 'way' again, she was undoing him and sussing him out and it was out of his control.

"My Mom got it wrong." He said simply,

"Yeah.....she did." Shay said, turning back to folding her table cloth.

Shot down.

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