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Chapter 22 - Love is Always Over Dramatic

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You are going to love me. I got so excited writing this.

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Sophie crept into the room and peered over his cot. He was sound asleep, his arms crashed out by his head , his rosy cheeks flushed from deep sleep. His hair was dark brown and thick, just like hers, his eyes were big, hazel green , a mixture of the Father's and hers. Her hand wandered aimlessly down and touched his hair, then his cheek. She didn't stay too long, it hurt too much, she slipped out his room and stared as Patrick and Shay stood in the living room, his hands around her throat, kissing her softly, tenderly.

"I love you Shay Mexia..." He whispered on to her lips, she smiled and he finally picked up his luggage bag and gripped the back of her neck firmly, pushing a firm kiss on to her forehead. Hearing the front door close and a vehicle pull off, Sophie walked into the living room.

"We should talk......" She said weakly, Shay nodded.

"I think so." She replied softly.

They did talk, it wasn't comfortable and it wasn't easy.

"I really have changed Shaylese...." Sophie said softly, Shay closed her eyes and bit down on her thumb firmly.

"That's good, maybe now you can start your life over, start doing good and stop breaking everyone's hearts!" She cried back painfully. Sophie looked down, holding back tears.

"I want him in it Shay...." She said, Shay slowly looked at her, this could not be happening, no way.

"No..." She said shaking her head. Sophie nodded and Shay stood up.

"No!" She cried again.
"Shay please! You don't understand-"

"-Understand what??! Understand that you were a drug addict and helping others to do it too? Or maybe I don't understand the part where I felt I had no choice but to take him as my own.........or the part where I had to listen to him cry in pain as he suffered cocaine withdrawal when he was 4 days old!" She cried angrily.

"He's all I have Shay!!" She cried, Shay walked away.

"No! You cannot be serious!!" She cried, she paced anxiously.

"I can't have children Shay!!" She blurted out angrily.


"With Rory.......There were complications." She explained fragmentedly.

"They had to remove my womb, I can't have any more children, he's the only one I'll ever have!" She petitioned, pleading in her voice.

Shay could only stare at her. Why was this happening? She had only ever wanted to do the right thing, why was it all coming back on her??

"You need to go!" She cried, Sophie shook her head.


"GO!!" Shay shouted, pointing to the door. Sophie threw her body upright and stormed towards her.

"He is my son." She said with a coldness to it.

Shay stared at her.

"Don't do this the hard way Shay." She said bitterly.

"You can't take him from me." She said weakly. Tears dripping off her cheeks.

"I can..........and I will if you push me Shay....." Sophie said, she stormed out the door and Shay crumpled to the floor and cried hard.

Shay rushed to his room and swept him up in her arms, he flopped into her sleepily and she held him tighter than she should. She rocked back and forth, crying hard.

As she slept that night, she woke every hour, checking he was still sleeping next to her. Afraid if she slept too long, then drama would play cruel jokes and steal him from her arms as she dreamt of how happy he made her.


His cell rang and rang, she knew he would pick up if she was persistant. She juggled her bags and Rory on her hip as she walked in the crowded street. He must have been in interviews or a meeting of some sort, he definteley wasn't answering, she rushed across the road and out of the cold, into the beautiful hotel.

"Good evening Madam!" The receptionist smile politely.

"Evening - Can you tell me what room Mr Stump is in please?" She asked breathlessly, the cold had nipped at the insides of her throat and nose. She sneezed and this caused Rory to laugh hard. The receptionist smiled at her.

"It's a private booking, can you tell me who you are?" she asked,

"Tell him it's Shay ...." She said softly.

"Shay...." the receptionist broke off, expecting a surname.

"Shay Mexia, I'm his girlfriend...." She said, the receptionist looked at her and picked up the phone.

"I have a Shay Mexia in reception for you..." She said politey.

"Blonde....also a small child....very cute.." she said, she put the phone down.

"I think you've made his day! Room 821..." She smiled, Shay smiled and moved towards the elevator.

As the elevator opened, he was stood there, leaning against the wall. She rushed up to him and they threw their arms around each other.

"I'm so sorry to do this!!" She sobbed hard. He took Rory and guided her to his room. He closed the door firmly.

"She's going to take him from me Patrick!" She cried, he put Rory on the bed and he held her tight.

"She won't!" He said firmly.

"I don't know....Why am I so scared??" She cried, he rubbed her hair gently.

"You're his Mama Shay.....She may be his birth mother but you're who he loves......anyone with sense will see this......" He whispered desperately to her. She pulled away and wiped her tears firmly.

They kissed hard.

"Poot....uh! Mama!!" Rory said boldly. He was pulling at Patrick's laptop. Patrick picked him and threw him in the air where he squealed in excitement.

"No one is taking you from us!! Huh Boy?!" Patrick said, holding him above his head.

"Hat!" He called, pointing to Patrick's hat.

"Yes! Daddy's hat will save us, it has super powers you wouldn't believe!!" He said playfully.

"Yeah!" he chirped, Shay laughed, she loved it when he said 'yeah', like a normal human being, only he was a baby.

There was a silence. Patrick put an arm around Shay as she chewed her thumb nervously. She looked at Rory, her eyes sort of becoming distant from him.

"I'm not strong enough to do this...." She shook her head, Patrick made her sit down and knelt in front of her.

"You're stronger than you think Shay, isn't he worth every inch of effort?" Patrick frowned.

"Not with Sophie....I can't fight, I can't do it!" She said defeated.

"You can't just give up!" He said angrily. She stared into the carpet and then closed her eyes.

"I don't know..." Shay said.

Patrick was angry, she was being weak and it didn't suit her. What was it that Sophie had over her? What was this power and where did it come from? Why was she surrendering a perfectly achievable battle for an amazing child who had given them both so much happiness.

"Maybe he should be with his real Mom?" She croaked. Patrick stared at her, horrified she'd said something so ridiculous. He grabbed her shoulders and it made her gasp.

"You listen to me Shay! You are his Mom!!" He shouted angrily, Rory looked up at his parents.

She shook her head. He gripped her face firmly in one hand.

"You stop this - pull yourself together!! After all you have done, the beautiful boy you have raised and the love he has for you - there is NO WAY I can let her take him from you. Do you understand me??" He said angrily. Shay stared into his eyes, she'd never seen him angry. Ever. She grew scared.

"Is that what you want Patrick - really??" She asked, he stared hard at her.

"How can you ask me that?!" He said with frown.

"Because part of me feels that Rory and I hold you back from what you truly want to do!" She cried, he shook his head, standing up, he put hand on his hat in disbelief.

"Have I ever given you that impression??" He shouted, Rory began to pout.

"No but I see the passion you have for what you do! I'm not blind!!"

"Don't push me away Shay!" He warned, a deep tone to his voice. She looked at him wearily.

"Don't you dare....." He repeated, there was a knock at the door, Joe walked in.

He could sense the situation straight away and he looked at them both and Rory on the floor, his face concerned.

"Hey!" He said with a smile. Shay smiled but it fell from her face quickly.

"Hey Rory!" Joe cooed and came in, he picked him up and looked at Patrick and Shay.

"Could you take him out for 5 minutes?" Patrick asked.

"Sure...." Joe said cautiously, figuring he'd drifted in at a bad moment. He closed the door gently. Patrick had his hands on his hips, Shays were folded protectively over her tummy.

"You're not doing this!" Patrick shaking his head.

"Doing what?" She asked angrily.

"Pushing me away, so you think it will be easier to let him go!" he shouted.

"I'm not pushing you away!" She argued.

"Then what is the game plan here?? Get me all pissed so I walk away? Cos you know I won't!" He said.

"I need you to be sure!" She snapped back,

"Sure about what? How much I love you??" He asked

"And how much you love Rory!" She added. He stared at her.

"I need to know that you'll fight when I give up because I'm warning you Patrick, I will not be strong enough to do this on my own..........and I need to know that this is something that you feel is really worth fighting for!!" She blurted out.

"All this drama........" She added, she looked down.

"You have so much of it in your life - I always wanted your home to be simple and drama free and now look!! It's all blown up in your face and ........You don't deserve it!" She added. He shook his head. He rushed up to her and grabbed her roughly, kissing her hard.

The moment whisked them up and they grabbed at each others clothes impatiently. Kissing passionately and touching boldly. They made love to each other like it was the last time, her arms held him tight as he showed her how much he loved her.

"I love you!" She moaned softly. He pushed her hair off her face and stared at her face as they continued to make love. He buried his head into her neck and moaned hard in her ear.

"Marry me...." He moaned, she gasped suddenly, holding the back of his head. She pulled him away from her ear and he stared at her, her eyes hearing before her ears as she saw his face.

"Please marry me!" He whispered. They kissed hard and she cried gently.

"I'll marry you Patrick...." She moaned softly, kissing his lips over and over.

"I'll marry you!" She smiled, he smiled back at her and stroked her lips softly with his fingers.

Thank you for all my reviews, I really worked hard on this, I had to wrok through a writers block and I hope I did it justice.....
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