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Chapter 21 - There's a Storm Brewing.

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At this moment, the hand of fate had shoved itself down Shay's throat and squeezed her heart.

"Hello Shay." She said softly. Shay shook her head and stared at her sister with wide eyes.

"What are you doing here?" She croaked, still holding the door possessively over the home she shared with Patrick and their son.

"I'm's over...." She said.

"Over?" Shay frowned.

"The re-trial found me not-guilty.....I was released a week ago...." She whispered.

"Wait......What....." She began to feel week.

"Shay? Baby you ok?" Patrick asked from the kitchen. He walked towards her, reaching and pulling the door open. He was faced with a darker haired, taller and bigger built version of Shay. The woman's eyes glazed over as they fixed on Rory.

"What's going on?" He asked.


With Rory still in his arms, he filled the glass of water and handed it to Shay, he felt her forehead and softly stroked her cheek.

"Are you alright?" He asked with concern. She nodded quickly.

"I'm sorry to come unannounced!" She blurted out, she walked closer from the hall way, getting a sense of the happiness in the home they'd made together. The picture of Shay and Rory on the wall was a poignant reminder of her actions.

Patrick's cell phone vibrated angrily from the table and he rushed over picking it up. Shay stared at her sister, those questioning eyes were more than Sophie could handle on her at this time.

"I can't talk now, can you guys just go ahead without me?" Patrick was saying firmly.

"I'm sorry - I won't be there, something has come up!" He said adamantly.

He hung up the phone and as he turned noticed Sophie was staring at Rory in his arms.

"He is so beautiful Shay!" Sophie said weakly. She walked slowly over to him and gently touched Rory's face, his eyes were unsure, who was this stranger?

"Can I hold him?" She asked, Patrick quickly looked to Shay, she stood up quickly and moved towards them, Sophie looked at Shay and they both stopped.

"Please!!" She pleaded softly and Shay's eyes watered over. Who was she to play God?
She watched as Sophie gently took Rory from Patrick and pulled him into her body.

"Oh my god!" She whispered and held him tight. The tears were heavy and hard as they fell from Sophie's eyes, she stared at the little boy's face.

"Hey! ....Hey Rory!" She whispered, he was so unsure, he didn't let anything on.

"You're so handsome! Look at you!" She smiled, then Rory smiled. She laughed more as she saw his huge smile, it spread all over his face. He grabbed a piece of her hair and tugged hard at it.

"Rory!" Shay scolded him and she untangled her hair from his grip.

"Bad!" He said,

"Yes bad!" Shay said with a frown on her face. Rory shook his head.

"He's so clever Shay! He's more than I could have ever imagined!" She said weakly. She walked into the living room with him and Shay's eyes slowly met Patrick's. He could see and feel the fear in and from them.

He pulled her into him and kissed her head of hair firmly, his hand firmly holding her beck close to him. They let her spend time with the boy, it felt like the human thing to do. Shay made up coffee and cut some banana up for Rory.

"Mama!" He whined, Sophie stared as his head turned, looking for Shay. Something in the way his voice demanded her, stirred up fits of jealousy she had never felt in her life. This was her son, she'd carried him, given birth to him and now he was calling her 'Mama'?

Patrick walked through and Rory gushed at seeing his Dad.

"Da da da!" He chirped, Patrick whipped him up from the floor and Sophie stood up.

"He calls you Dad!" She blurted out. Patrick stared at Sophie whilst Rory yanked at his hat.

Patrick didn't say anything, he just slowly walked away leaving her standing to really get a grip of the state of affairs. She felt one of her hands clench into a fist and she had to tell herself to let go. If Rory had gone to other adopted parents, there would be no way in hell or earth that she could walk into their home unannounced and display the emotions she was in her Sisters house that morning. She was in direct abuse of the generosity her younger sister had shown to her. And she didn't care.

She had only one objective: To win her son's heart.
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