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Chapter 20 - Dinner Time Will Never Be The Same Again...

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Read it and weep children. ( not sad tears though...)

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This is to all those who have reviewed, mainly FrostedGlass, thank you for taking an interest dude, you're super nice. xxx

They'd moved house, and officially moved in together and it was insane. He'd been on a mission from the day of suspected Bad Karma to completely love her more than ever and make her feel safe.

Her University work was hogging the huge dining table they now had, she typed away on her laptop and sipped the black coffee. She was doing so well on her course and only had 6 months left before she took her final exams and graduated.

His warm hands made contact with her tense shoulders and she absorbed the touch. She tried to concentrate and finish the paragraph. He massaged her gently and leaned down, kissing her neck softly.

"How's it going?" He asked, she nodded.

"Ok....I think!" She smiled. He kissed her neck again and this time, more sensually. She giggled softly and reached behind her, gripping his face softly. How could she ignore each of those kisses, she hit save and snapped her laptop shut quickly, standing and grabbing him into her.

"Ok you have my attention!" She whispered hungrily. They kissed firmly as she leaned back against the table, it was very passionate and unlike their usual polite bed manner. Shay was unsure why he was like this but she enjoyed it either way and it was kind of exciting doing something different.

"You are so beautiful!" He whispered after he had loosened her clothing so he could feel his skin on hers. She smiled and held his head gently as he kissed her all over.

Her hands scuffed off paper from the table as he laid her back and she giggled playfully. She squealed as she heard the coffee cup smash on the floor.

"Woops!" Patrick laughed and she laughed too.

"This is kinda messy!!" She giggled and she sat up to help him undo his belt and jeans. They kissed again and within seconds they were making love. Their lips hardly parted and she learned at that point how sensual kissing was to love-making. It didn't last long at all and she laughed out a few seconds after they'd finished.

"Oh wow!!" She called out laughing. They were holding each other tight and she pulled away slightly looking at him, he was grinning too and slightly breathless.

"That was way intense!" She whispered, he nodded in agreement.

Over the last couple of months, things had intensified between them a lot. They really were channeling their feelings for each other very directly and especially since moving into Patrick's new house.

In the morning they had breakfast together and he was off to do 'band' stuff later but they had the morning together.

"Mama! Juice! Juice!" Rory said boldly, she handed him the juice cup and he took it.

"Good boy!" She smiled and touched his hair softly, she'd let it grow long and it sort of curled at the ends, when she was feeling particularly mumsy she even sorted it and put a hat on him so he looked like Patrick.

"Has he like....god - that smell!!" Patrick said and he held his nose, Shay laughed hard and looked at Rory.

"Boy have you filled your diaper?" She asked, he laughed at her , knowing he had.

"It's totally your turn P Rock!" She said looking at him.

"That is so wrong - why do I get the nasty ones?" He asked, she giggled and shook her head.

"What are you on about?? They are ALL nasty!" She said wafting the smell away from her nose. Patrick picked up Rory and took him into his room to change him. She could hear him moaning and then calling out in disgust when he'd obviously opened the diaper. Rory howling in laughter.

The door bell rang and Shay walked over to the door. She unlocked the 3 locks and hauled open the security door, she laughed slightly as it hit her chin.

"Sorry!" She said as she finally yanked it open and as she did, she just stared, long, hard and broken hearted........... the bad vibrations had arrived

"Sophie...." She barely whispered.
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