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Chapter 19 -

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Are you happy with me?

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As day blessed their house, they arose, one by one. Steady streams of personage to the bathroom and plenty of noise from the child. That nightmare had shaken her badly, it seemed to linger in her day thoughts, the images, the words, the emotions. The imagination was cruel in how it could create these scenarios in your head whilst you slept and were unable to defend or chase away unwanted thoughts.

She was trying to analyze her dream. Trying to understand what it meant. She derived that ultimately it was the experience of losing Rory that put the most fear within her. If she was to lose him, her world would simply stop. But the pregnancy, that was weird and she couldn't explain it. But the mind could play many games with your head and that's what this had been a case of, her brain messing with her heart.

As promised the boys were exploding with stories about their tour, she could only melt inside as she saw how worked up they got and how they had plenty of private jokes they kept referring to. She often felt a little left out of this part of Patrick's life but how could she possibly be a part of it? She had been to his gigs and hung out backstage but it really made her feel uncomfortable at times. People were nice to you just because of who you were going out with rather than who you actually were.

It was so good having him to herself for a few days, he slept a lot and spent quality time with Shay and Rory. He'd never stop thinking about his music and his career but it was important to him that love had it's proper place in life.

He strummed his guitar intently, it was beautiful music and it filled the house up with warmth. When he stopped he could hear her and Rory, he walked out into the garden and she was laid on the grass with him sat against her raised knees.

Holding the ball she moved it from hand to hand.

"B...Ball!" She said firmly. He got angry and squawked impatiently.

"Ball!" She said patiently and he tried to mutter something.

"Good boy!! Ball!" She said again and he reached for it, taking it in his hands.

"Ball!!" He repeated and she smiled.

"That's my sexy boy!" She smiled and ruffled his hair.

"Ba!!" He called, looking at Patrick and Shay turned to see him standing against the back door.

"It sounded amazing!" Shay smiled at him , he walked over to them and sat down with her. Rory immediately preferring Patrick's lap, launched himself over and Patrick gripped him firmly. She leaned in and kissed him so softly on the cheek, her soft hand reaching and grazing the other side gently.

"Are you happy with me Patrick?" She asked, the concern was real, but he didn't understand why.

"Shay...." He said softly and cupped her cheek gently. She gripped his wrist and smiled nervously.

"What's going on with you? You've been quiet and then the nightmare.....everything OK?" he asked. She nodded quickly.

"Nothing's actually wrong....that's the problem!"

He kissed her hard on the lips, over and over, and she kissed him back passionately. They both stopped and she caught her breath. Rory was staring at them both. She laughed softly and kissed his head, then smothered his face in kisses which he giggled and spluttered off.

Patrick let him go and he crawled onto the lawn, Shay knelt across Patrick and cuddled his face in her palms gently.

"I would do anything for you....I've realized that over the last few days how utterly in love I am with you! I just feel that being at this place with you, I have more to lose than I did before and it scares me!" She admitted in her soft gentle ways.

His hands rubbed her lower back and he pulled her into him even closer ,

"What can I do to show you that I would never let that happen?" he asked, she shook her head.

"I don't know!" She replied.

"You're doing everything you can.......but...." She stopped. He frowned slightly and followed those wandering eyes.

"But what?" He asked

"For some reason, and I don't know why, I just have really bad really something awful is going to happen!" She blurted out. He stared at her, this is what had been scaring her.

"I won't let it!"

"You can't stop it!" She said back quickly, shaking her head.

It really made him think, he knew well enough now, to know how tuned in she was with her emotions but she was clearly flapping her wings about this.
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