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Chapter 18 - Cursed

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I'm leading you all astray....

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She rubbed her tummy softly. Her bump was getting bigger day by day, to feel it moving inside her was an amazing feeling. She was overdue and could hardly move with the awkwardness. Patrick was away, he would be back tomorrow and she could hardly wait. She prayed baby would hold tight and her womb could cushion it for another day.

Rory was 18 months now, he walked, talked, and made her laugh every day of her life. He talked so well but that would be obvious with Shay's help.

"Baby." He said and pushed his hand into her tummy.

"Yeah - Mama's baby, say 'hi Baby!'..." She smiled.

"Hi baby!" He mimicked, including her high tone and she laughed.

To say the pregnancy was unplanned was an understatement. But they had coped. It strained the relationship terribly. Deep down, she knew Patrick resented the fact she was pregnant, after all, it was her area regarding the contraception and she swore innocence when it came to trying to find out what went wrong.

Eventually as she grew, his bitterness wore off and now it hardly showed at all. Whilst she never showed her jealousy of Patrick's career over their relationship, it ate away at her. Her Mama had come to stay for a month to help her with Rory as she developed tiredness in the later stages of her pregnancy.

Stirring in the morning, she smiled as she realized he would be home today. It gave her renewed energy and she grabbed Rory's hand as he tried to escape and shoved his arms through the mini-hoody.

"Come on - we gotta go meet Daddy!" She said, yes, Daddy had stuck. A little too well. Now there would be two of them doing it.

She drove over to Pete's place, that's where they were all stopping.

"Dad!" He chirped as they made their way there, she smiled and looked at him in the mirror. She felt complete bliss at that moment, felt content and secure.

"Yeah baby! We missed Daddy huh??" She smiled back at him and he clapped his hands excitedly.

The pain that rippled through her body was excruciating. She moaned out hard and without knowing, her foot had pushed the brake hard. Within seconds, the horn blast made her regain her senses but it was too late.

"No!" She cried.


Rory was crying hysterically and she groaned as she came around, she could hear sirens approaching and a voice shouting to her.

"M'am! M'am!" The stranger called, she was completely out of it, the pain cursing her body was unrepentant and didn't forgive an inch as she felt the metal cage she was in, seem to get smaller.

"Mama!" Rory cried

She realized it was the steering wheel she could feel against her head. She tried to raise her head and the pain shot through her body again like a bullet. She cried out.

"Don't move! Do not move! Help is here - stay still!" he called, she could hear Rory's voice, it seemed to be the only thing she could tune into.

"Baby..." she whispered.

Then everything went black.

She felt it first, her hands twitched slightly as they moved on her tummy. Then her eyes engaged. She opened them drowsily and she could see the colour of his T-Shirt first.

"Shay?" He asked, she knew that voice. Consciousness was harsh when you regained it, those pale bodies with sunken eyes you see in the movies are not far off what people look like when they've been under that long.

"Patrick...." She whispered,

"Shhhh!" He said, his hands touching her face, she was confused, he could tell by her frown line.

"You're in the hospital....your safe!" He whispered and kissed her forehead. She fought it for a few seconds more. The urge to say it was strong though.

"Rory..." she repeated. His eyes welled and he looked down for a split second.

"Shhhh!" He whispered again and leaned in close.

She resisted his efforts to be calm and quiet and she moved but the pain was bad, all over her body, she felt as if every bone was raging with pain.

"Where is he??" She cried gently, Patrick held her wrists as she tried to struggle.

"Shay!" he said firmly and made her lay down.

"Patrick?!" She asked, her eyes were so wide and the fear was setting in and he didn't think he'd cope when he would have to do this. He was crying and she frowned at him.

"The baby....the baby!" She cried as she started coming round and more and he shook his head and held her wrists gently.

"No!" She cried. Patrick stared at her and he couldn't bring himself to say the words.

"Patrick?!" She cried again, imploring him for answers. He continued to shake his head and his tears fell onto the blankets.

"No!!!" She cried

"No please! .....Patrick!!" She cried, her breathing increasing rapidly, the vomit in her stomach churning. She started crying and he cupped her face hard.

"I'm so sorry!!" He wept.

"No!!......Please!!" she sobbed.

"Shay!" He cried gently. She shook her head and let out a cry.

"SHAY!" He growled and shook her awake. Her eyelids flew open and she stared at him. He was knelt over her, she could now feel where his hands had been in the attempt to wake her up.

"God!! You scared the hell outta me!!" He said angrily, her chest was heaving up and down and she let out a cry. He leaned down and gripped her face in his hands.

"It was a dream!" He said softly and held her firmly.

"Just a dream!!" He said again, and wiped the dampness off her face. Her hands shakily went around him and he pulled her up and held her tight, pulling her into his embrace, holding her like a small child.

She never said a word after that, she just cried and cried and he knew it must have been a very real and very awful dream to have her in this state. He brushed her hair off her forehead over and over again, soothing away that pain, smoothing out her tears. After a period of time, she closed her eyes again and he watched her sleep in his arms for a while.

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