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Chapter 17 - Late Arrivals

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Welcome Home Ba-Ba!

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He opened her front door gently and slung his bags down. They had been delayed and he was 4 hours late getting into Chicago. He walked quietly into the kitchen and saw cakes on the worktop, he looked over at the entrance to the living area and there was a little white banner:
"Welcome Home Ba-Ba!" It said. Rory's handprints had clearly harassed Shay as she'd made it for him. His heart swooned.
"God I love this woman." He said in his head.

As he moved over in the darkness he saw them both. Crashed out on the floor on the cushions and pillows. A half empty bottle of wine and an empty glass on the table not far from where she lay with Rory sleeping on top of her, curled up.

He knelt down and softly touched her face, her big eyes slipped open and her face changed as she gained consciousness and realized who it was. A huge smile enveloped her face and he smiled back.

"My beautiful muffin!" he whispered and she giggled, sleepily. They kissed tenderly.

"He's changed so much!" Patrick gasped as he picked up Rory and he flopped dozily into his arms. Patrick stroked his hair and stood up.

"Hey little man....I'm hopin' you been good for Mama!" He whispered softly. Shay picked herself up off the floor and hugged him tight.

"I'm so sorry I missed the party!" He said, kissing her head.

"We're just glad to have you back home...." She said and held him tight still.

The door knocked gently and Shay rushed to get it, opening it to see Joe stood there.

"Do you have a room?" He asked, groggily, clearly exhausted from the travel.

"Of course!" She said softly and helped him in.

"Maria sent me over here..." he added, so as not to appear totally inconsiderate.

She fixed them both hot drinks and Patrick smiled at her as she busied herself with caring for the 2 grown men in her kitchen. She passed them their cups and then started fixing bottles for Rory. He'd greatly reduced the amount he had but he still had one or two in the night. She got out brief details of their tour but advised them that she wanted to hear all about it in the morning when she wasn't as tired.

Joe looked at Patrick holding Rory as he sipped his coffee.

"You missed him huh?" Joe asked and Patrick nodded.

"More than I thought!" He said firmly. He moved him slightly and he stirred, moving his pouty lips a little.

"She must be worth a lot....." Joe said, softly, with consideration to his tone.

"You have no idea Joe...." He said and they both smiled.

"I'm glad you're happy Patrick, you're a good guy and to wanna take all this baby drama on too....I just respect that dude..." He said shiftily. Patrick didn't respond, he just nodded and grinned slightly.

He tucked Rory into his cot and pulled the blanket over him. He kissed his fingers and then placed them on Rory's forehead.

"Sweet dreams dude." He smiled and gently closed the nursery door.

Walking past Joe's room, he saw Shay sorting some sheets for him and fluffing up the pillow.

"You're feet will probably hang out the bottom...but there ain't much I can do about it Joseph so deal..." She said firmly, like a teacher and threw the pillow at him.

"Sleep well Joseph!" She smiled and kissed his cheek. He glanced at Patrick and he waved with a smug look on his face, he made rude gestures and Patrick flipped him off.

She lay on the bed and turned off the light. The excitement of having him back in her arms again was overshadowed by tiredness that seemed to have arrested all muscle tension. She smiled as he clambered on gently and lay next to her. She sat up slightly and lit a match, lighting the huge candle she had by her bed, she loved to read in candlelight, even though it wrecked her eyes.

Kissing Patrick still felt so good, she thought it would be an affection that wore off with time but as they made out like young teenagers in the sheets, she found herself giggling.

"So good to have you home with me Patrick!" She smiled; he looked all warmed up in those jeans and T-shirt.

"It felt longer this time." He said, frowning slightly and she nodded, her hair had grown long in the months they'd been together, it was a beautiful feature and he often loved to knot his fingers in there and feel it on his skin.

He leaned back on his hands and just admired her, tilting his head slightly.

"What?" She asked with the cutest grin.

"Just looking!" He said, raising his eyebrows. She moved across him and as she sat down on him, she undid his belt.

"Well stop looking...." Her voice was seductive and soft. A hard kiss fired up engines for go and they got into full gear.

She stopped suddenly and turned her head towards the door.

"What?....What?! Don't' stop!" He whispered.

"Shh!! I think it's Rory!" She whispered back. Then they both heard the cries and Patrick slumped down as she climbed off him and rushed to the door.

She hurried to the next door of Rory's nursery, the sound of the unhappy child increasing suddenly as the sound of his impatient cries barraged themselves out the room.

"Hey Hey Hey! ¿muchacho, por qué los rasgones?" She asked in a soft tone. Patrick smiled, hearing her in those Spanish words again was a lovely sound.

"Mamamamamama!!" He cried out and she laughed gently.

"With lungs like that you'll be singing like Ba Ba!" She cooed softly and cradled him.

He soon settled down but failing to settle him in his own bed, she reluctantly took him back to bed with her and Patrick.

"Ba-Ba!!" He called and Patrick smiled.

"Hey baby!" He said softly. They snuggled up together and Patrick's hands pushed against Rory's feet playfully.

Rory made sounds and spluttered and was quite happy he was keeping his Mama awake at this late hour, her eyes drifted.

"Da Da!" He suddenly blurted out and Shay's eyes flew open wide, Patrick stared at him. They looked at each other suddenly.

"Dadadada!" He repeated over and over.

"I didn't teach him that!" She said quickly, Patrick laughed gently at the situation.

"I kinda like it!" He said, her eyes took possession of his and they locked stares.

No more words were said about it after that and after another half hour of baby talk and trying to settle him down, he actually fell asleep and Patrick carried him back to his cot.

When he came back, she had her back to him and as he tried to unravel her awkward body language, she let her limbs become heavy.

"Shay...." He whispered softly. She didn't respond and kept the back of her fingers pressed hard against her lips so as not to let out the anguish.

She turned to him and his eyes wandered all over hers, her eyes looked seductive in this low light, her pupils were huge. She leaned over him and ran her fingers over his lips.

"I'll never make you do or be anything you don't want to, you know that don't you?" She whispered.

"You're worrying....." He asked, his eyes were concerned.

"Patrick, please, I just need you to understand that if you ever needed a break or some time to figure things out then you just need to tell me......I wouldn't be mad!" She whispered softly.

"Do you have any idea how much I need you? " He asked, there was a slight frown on his face. She just stared at him.

"Do I not spend enough time away from you already?!"

"The last thing I need from you a break.....You crazy, but adorable woman...."

Her hands fondled his neck softly, stroking his hair. She moved quickly and effortlessly on top of him and her hair covered his face as they kissed.

"Tell me you love me!" She whispered into his open mouth in-between a kiss.

"I love you!"

"And I love you...." She whispered, fully removing her slip.

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