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Chapter 16 - To You, From me

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Shay opens the letters from her sister.....

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Another letter from Sophie, the vanilla envelop laid on her bed sheets like a blaze of burning issues that she just had not dealt with. Opening her drawer she took out the small but growing bunch of letters and stared at them.

With Maria Wentz out shopping with her usual distraction, Rory, she mustered up half-standard courage and gently opened the one dated first. The emotional rollercoaster she had chosen to take by opening the first letter was one of vast proportions of anger and awkwardness right through to utter dismay and humble beginnings.
As she opened the last one, the one that she had received the morning, she took a huge breath. It was because she knew it was the most recent state of mind of her sister and that overpowering smell of fear in the sweat of her fingers was obvious, the fear that this one would contain a backlash decision or a change of heart .


It's raining here today, it's making me think of you and I, remember the playground we used to go to when we were kids, that time in the rain, we got soaked through to the skin, Mama was so mad. She grounded us and all it meant was we had fun in our rooms instead. All that just from seeing the rain.

I miss you Shay.

I pray that you read the letters even though you don't respond. I pray for you and your studies and your life. I pray for Rory. I pray he is a good son for you. It's the only I thing I got left to do in here.

Mama says you have a boyfriend now, Patrick? He sounds nice already just from the way Mama said his name. I hope it's going well, you deserve someone to love you and treat you right.

You're such a special person. I will never forget the kindness you showed me and how you always looked for the best in me, even though I let you down. You're a good person and always have been. I am so sorry for putting you in this position and I hope life has been fair in the struggles raising a child can bring. I will never forget Shay, never.

Sea valor fuerte, de la demostración y sea en negrilla

Amor Siempre


She cried hard, the muscles on her face hurt from crying for so long and crying so hard. The tears were hot and her eyes stung. It had been overwhelming. She felt bad for fearing the worst from her sister.

Slinking into the living room with a huge mug of coffee she picked up a pen and pad and began writing:


It seems your prayer was answered, for a reason un-beknown to me I decided to open all of your letters and read them.

It's raining here today too, but I can't reminisce in those memories like you can, I am still deeply hurt and although this is wrong, it has made me realize I have not dealt with the anger I had and still have for you. Please forgive me for this.

University is a struggle but I'm coping with it. I cannot give up on my dream because of bad decisions. Rory gets me through the bad days and Patrick gets me through the rest.

I have feared reading your letters, figured out why too, because I'm scared you will take him away from me. I'm asking you from the depth of my heart to never take him from me Sophie. I pray you never will.

I'm sorry this is short. But it's hard. It's a start.



After her seething emotions had simmered down, Shay felt calm. She sat in her garden and meditated for a long time. A practice she never gave up. Her breathing was calm, allowing cool streams of fresh air after the rain had stopped to travel into her lungs. Her eyes were light again and the heavy sadness lifted.
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