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Chapter 15 - We Miss You....

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Absence makes or breaks the heart....

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He'd been away on a 4 week tour and she missed him horribly, she missed his gentle snores in the night and his greedy bed coverage. He phoned but often when she was bathing or feeding Rory and he would laugh at his babbling in the background.
Not only did Patrick miss Shay, he found himself missing Rory. Against all sensibleness, he had strong feelings for the child, inextricably linked with his strong feelings for Shay.

Surrounded by beautiful cute punk girls was hard, they were so forward and had so much attitude. There was a tiny piece of him that liked that and this tiny seed of desire had led him to serious difficulties when he found himself in the club with his band mates and a pretty girl. She was spunky and fresh, she talked their lingo, wore their clothes, walked the walk.

She moved on to his lap and he stiffened up at the close contact.

"So Patrick....." She said softly, her hand slipping down and grabbing him firmly but gently.

"Er....You should" He stuttered. He coughed and pushed her hand away firmly but she was pushy.

"Come on Patrick, everyone's having fun here....." she said with a smile.

"Really....Stop!" He blurted out firmly and she stared at him.

"What is your problem kid? It's just a bit of fun!" She scowled at him, he literally pushed her off his lap and she stared as he got up and walked out.

He burst out into the cold and his breath escaped in clouds of vapor into the dark sky around him.

"Shay?!" He called out into the cell phone.

"Hey....You woke me...." She croaked sleepily.

"Shay I need you to listen to me."

"Huh? What's going on , are you ok?" her worried voice whimpered back.

"I know it's late - I'm sorry, don't worry everything's fine!" He hurried.

"Shay I just......I just needed to tell you how much I love you....and how much I miss you!" He said, close to losing it.

She sat up in her bed and held the phone close to her mouth, there was silence.

"Come again?" She asked gently.

"I said I love you.....I love you Shay!" he repeated, she put her hand over her mouth and laughed softly.

"Wow!" was all her soft docile tones could get out.

"I needed you to know that......." He added.

"And I love Rory....Oh my god I miss him so much!" Patrick said, he heard her sniffle.

"I didn't realize how much you both meant to me! I can't stand not having you with me!" He explained.

"Oh Patrick, we miss you too!" She cried.

"I can't wait to see you!" He smiled, counting down the 6 days in his head.

"We'll be waiting!" She said softly.

There was a pause, a little one for emphasis of just how many hundreds of miles apart they were.

They spent a little while longer catching up, she sounded so excited about the response they were getting to their album. Patrick had enough friends around him and the band to big them up and enlarge their heads. He needed a girl like Shay to ground him and see to his personal needs, someone who was interested in how things impacted him and not the band as a whole. She did this in such a fashion, that when she wasn't there doing it, he felt a little lost.

He sloped off back to the motel room and played on his guitar whilst his band mates and friends partied. Comfortably, he didn't resent it. He was happy to be in this squally room, strumming the strings of his acoustic and overflowing with thoughts of her.
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