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Chapter 14 - Morning Glory....Again.

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Sweet mercy, the morning after the night before and an Orange Juice intruder......

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When he opened his eyes that morning, he was surprised to see her sat up, like she'd been there for ages. He could tell she was thinking, she bit her thumb nervously, a cute habit. His hand reached up and touched her naked back.
Her smile met his and she leaned down, pulling her sheets away and pressing her nakedness against him.


"Hey!" He smiled. Her hand smoothed over his tummy softly and she kissed his chest.

"What were you thinking about...." He asked, his fingers getting caught in her matted hair.

"You..." She replied softly.

"Lastnight......." She smiled shyly.

Patrick smiled at her.

"Are you ok with it?" He asked and she nodded gently, looking non-intently at the content on her dresser. Her eyes slowly drifted to him.

"It felt right..." She whispered, he nodded now and really focused his eyes for a second on the signals she was giving out with hers. Her eyes wandered, like she was distracted. Like her mind was elsewhere.

"Your eyes say different."

She tried to snap out of her daze and looked at him she placed another kiss on his chest and cupped his face softly as she made her way up to his neck and mooched him gently.

"Don't watch my eyes, they're tired.....listen to my lips!" She whispered and gently nipped his ear. He rolled her over and his weight squeezed the air out of her lungs momentarily. She felt small underneath him, even though she wasn't.

She realized how she ached there as he made love to her that morning. Again it was pleasurable and the emotion of reaching this stage of womanhood, overshadowed any uncomfortable niggles she had. It felt completely different to last night and unaware as to whether it was the time of day, her comfortableness with him or the fact this was how sex was, she just consumed the feelings being given to her from him.


"Morning??" The voice called and Shay smiled as she recognized the voice.

"Peter!! Come in!" She smiled, she shoved another spoon of breakfast into Rory's hungry mouth.

"So, have you had your wicked way with my Patty Cakes or what??" he asked as he made his way into the kitchen.

"Such a way with words Peter!" She moaned, he leaned down and kissed her head.

"Meant with sincerity - seriously though.....tell me it's happened." He said, opening the fridge and getting out the orange juice.

"Peter!" She whined again. He turned and sipped on the orange juice. He looked at her, narrowing his eyes slightly.

She despised the fact he was ruining her honeymoon thoughts and robbing the occasion of it's romance, replacing it with crudeness.

She handed Rory his cup and he plunged it into his mouth clumsily. She stood up and put the bowl in the sink and turned to Peter.

"Just tell me, yes or no....I don't wanna know details...." He said like it was perfectly OK to divulge your love life to him, he had this way about him.

"Yes." She said.

"I knew it!!!" He said with a huge grin on his face. She slapped his arm playfully and walking over to Rory, wiped his face quickly, this kid had a short temper when it came to being cleaned.

Patrick walked in, fresh and refreshed after a long hot shower.

"Heyyy, Stump.....nice work!" He said and he shook his head.

"You're such an ass Pete!" He muttered and he looked at Shay's blushing cheeks.

"He made me tell him!" She said weakly. She slapped his arm again.

"Ow??" He frowned hard.

Patrick ruffled Rory's hair and leaned down, kissing him gently. He looked up at Shay and they just shared a look. He took her hands and pulled them around his waist and kissed her passionately. She smiled into his kiss and pressed her against the fridge firmly and she squeezed his ass in those jeans.

"Rude...." Pete muttered

When Patrick had first started nurturing feelings for Shay, Pete was shocked. Then when he stepped back and looked at the situation, he wasn't shocked at all. Patrick was a home boy. He craved normality and consistency to his home life and Shay was a girl who would definitely do that because she was detached from the music scene.

Pete's feelings were never anything to materialize, now she belonged to Patrick's heart, he never even thought of her in that way. He would never do that to his friend and more important to him than his own self gratification was seeing Patrick happy.
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