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Chapter 13 - Dinner, Dessert and 'Dessert'

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You all know what 'x' means....

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Chapter 12 - Dinner, Dessert and 'Dessert'

Weeks went by like hours. All 6 of them, and it had been eventful and emotional.
Rory was now crawling and making Shay's life much more difficult now that he was mobile and had this grand curiosity for small places.

She'd failed a unit of her University course and the alarm bells were ringing inside her head. It was time to re-focus and reapply herself to learning, and quick about it too.

Mrs Wentz was good enough to look after Rory for 2 out of the 4 days she was at University and this was invaluable to her. It was one less concern knowing he was with people she knew rather than child minders in the crèche.

Progress between Patrick and Shay was good. He was working hard on recording this album with his band. She tried her best to be involved in it, but there was only so much she could be a part of. He had so many friends who were always around and he was always in the studio but he would always come home to her. Come home and just be the regular guy which he so wanted.

He was tired and stressed, all the boys were and she'd invited them over to hers after a long day at the studio. She'd cooked a good meal for them all , the boys and Joe and Andy's girlfriends. Patrick watched her as she helped serve more food on Pete's plate and engaged in conversation. He was so happy to be with someone who was as thoughtful as her. There was nothing better that they needed other than a good meal and good company with good friends and who else of their friends would have done this for them all. With Jack Johnson soothing them in the background, the atmosphere was perfect to fall in love.....

Everyone trailed out the front at 1.30am but it didn't feel late. She closed the door and smiled at him as he stacked up the dishes. She rushed over and turned him round to face her.

"I've been waiting for them to go!" She whispered and he frowned slightly.

"You ok?" He asked, she nodded and took his hand, pulling him down the hall. He was a little confused and as she flicked on the light he saw Rory's cot was gone. He opened his mouth to speak and stopped.

"Rory has his own room now...." She smiled.

"Awww - I kinda feel bad for the little guy!" He smiled and she laughed gently.

"Don't feel bad, he's just fine!" She said softly, kissing his lips softly. Her hands were on his face, touching and loving him like they always did.

"You've been working so hard.....I thought you deserved a little treat!" She whispered into his lips, his eyes opened wider and he watched as she unbuttoned her engineer's dress. It fell to the floor and he swallowed hard as he stared at her in the black baby doll.

"Oh my god...." He whispered, she smiled bashfully and he put his hands on her waist.

"I wasn't sure if it was your thing or not-"

"-Totally .....totally my thing!" He said swallowing again. His hands ran up slightly and around her back. She gently unbuttoned his shirt and the excitement quenching her spine was sensational.

"I wanted it to be half special....not having the baby in the room is a start and......well.....I was just taking a gamble with this little number!" She smiled as she undid the last button, pulling his shirt down his shoulders gently.

"It was a good gamble....." He said softly, running his hand over her softly. She stood for a few more seconds and nervously moved in to kiss him. That was a good move to make for it seemed to vent some of those nerves.

Nobody could have warned Shay how utterly exposed you can feel when you become naked with your lover for the first time. This was heightened by the fact it was first time she'd been naked with any man and he could see her shyness, the way her shoulders were hunched up as he touched her and her breath, although sweet, was shaky and laced with nerves.

"I'm sorry!" She whispered, in the darkness.

"I don't know what I'm doing!" She added as her hands moved awkwardly around his shoulders.

"You're doing the right things trust me!" He whispered back hoarsely against her lips.

She had an open mind regarding how her first sexual experience would be. She'd heard so many different version of accounts, she had concluded it was very personal. It depended heavily on your connection and current state of relationship with the person.

To say it was the cliché 'painful' would be wrong, sex was so strongly tied up in emotions and hormones that a lot of it was psychological. It felt wonderful but not because it actually felt wonderful, just because it was wonderful. Wonderful to express your love in such an intimate personal and exclusive way.

As she felt his strong hand, pressing down on her hip, she gently reached her hands behind her and allowed her lips to open involuntary and pass forth a sound of softness. And to feel that moment for the first time was amazing. He seemed to have lost control for a few seconds and it was a completely physical reaction. It reminded her of being overtaken by a strong wave, the way it would move it's way over your body. With his head resting on her breasts and her fingers gently diving into his mass of hair, he could feel her staggered breaths, her heart beating sounded like no other thing in he world. It was her heart beat and it was music to his ears.
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